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Tuesday 3 July 2012

La Ronde revolving restaurant in Crown Plaza Chateau Lacombe Edmonton, AB- tasty dinner and wicked desserts with the rotating bird's eye view!

Service 9/10 Food 8.5/10, Dessert 9/10
Before you say it, I know, this place is more well known for the gimmicky rotating restaurant view than their food. However, their desserts are always lovingly crafted by pastry chef Scott Parker and with the live music on weekends, its a great if a bit cliched place for special occasions. Sitting on the top floor of the Crown Plaza Chateau Lacombe in downtown, its situated well so you can enjoy a view of downtown Edmonton, parts of the river valley and see if who can point out more landmarks from your bird's eye view as the restaurant sloooooowly rotates - usually about 1.5-2 full turns by the time you finish supper, depending on how much food you ordered. There's been times we've just headed up here for dessert, coffee and the view. Anyways, onto the food!

You can order almost anything brewed or mixable under the moon here, but tonight, my bf went with a deliciously sweet and mellow golden pineapple based cocktail

while I went with a velvety smooth and not too sweet chocolate martini

Scanning the menu, we were really tempted to have the flambé tenderloin served table side, but it forced us to have the same entrees, and we like to try more whenever we can. After our selections, we enjoyed our drinks and the view while we waited for our food - it does have to travel up to the top floor!

Our Escargots Bourguignonne En Croute came "up" first. Translation - tender savory escargots swimming in garlic, butter, wine all topped in a puff pastry dome.. Nom!!!

Poking through the buttery crisp pastry to reveal...

all the perfected cooked tender escargots bathed in butter inside! Sooooo yummy.

Our next appetizer arrived shortly after... we loved these Cuban Pork Sliders with avocado and spiced gouda. Well seasoned with a touch of smokiness from the grill, these sliders were killer tender savoury moist. Paired with melted aged gouda and ripe slices of avocado to give it added creaminess, the little pickle atop added in texture and tang to the burger. Made us wish they could just line up plate after plate of these sliders. Mmmm!

Close up of this sexy little beast

My entree tonight was the Roast Brome Lake Duck Breast with bigarade sauce and roast baby potatoes The skin was crispy golden brown, and the duck breast was cooked a few shades beyond rare - making it a touch on the chewy side, so it definitely takes second place behind Red Ox Inn's perfectly seared tender duck breast. It paired well with the sauce, however, we found the sides: potatoes, carrots and beets extraneous, bland and didn't tie in with the rest of the dish.  Plating-wise, it also could have been much improved as the au jus literally "bled" all over the plate... before it got to the table.

My byoufriend's entree was the Pan Seared Jumbo Scallops with Crab and Spinach Stuffed Manicotti, Smoked Paprika and Sherry Velouté topped with Local Kitscoty sheep’s milk pecorino. The shrimps and scallops were on the small side to be calling themselves jumbo. The arugula and cheese was eaten like a salad, since it was perched on top of the stuffed shells. However, the stuffed shells were the star of the show. Al dente and stuffed tot eh brim with an indulgent and rich cheesy, creamy, spinach and seafood goodness. If diners were offered little pots of different sauces to dunk the stuffed shells wow... rather than the current sauce that attempted to completely overwhelm the dish with its spiciness

Wait a sec... where was our intermezzo course? (sorbets we ordered as palate cleansers between appetizers and entrees?) We realized this when the maître d' brought out our entrees. Since we didn't want out entrees to get cold just so we could eat things in order, we let our waitress know as she swung around to check on us as we started digging into our entrees. She was super embarrassed at the omission - she was taking care of all the tables in the restaurant that night, so even though we told her it can be served before dessert and we'll treat it as another dessert (who doesn't like more dessert?), she insisted on comp-ing the sorbets we chose earlier. My boyfriend enjoyed the light, subtle and refreshing Peach and Thyme Sorbet with vodka jelly

While I preferred the sorbet they always seem to have everytime we go - for the burst of berry yumminess in the Saskatoon Berry and Basil Sorbet with Cabernet Sauvignon wine jelly.

Not having too much room left, we went with the multi-bite sized Fresh Strawberry Sampler, which our waitress presented with a sparkler (She was a smart cookie - she lit from the bottom so the sparkler looks nicer for pics as it burns up!)

The light strawberry sorbet melted into the slightly dense and still warm chocolate lava cake... Mmmm! The strawberry shortcake mouse on a shortbread cookie topped with a thin chocolate layer disappeared like magic. The pile of cut up fresh strawberries were dunked into the strawberry and white chocolate cream goo.. Mmmmm!

And we finished off with dunking the white and chocolate shortbread mini cookies into the strawberry and white chocolate cream goo in a glass. Yummm!

We still had a final sweet waiting for us... Replete and content,  these complementary in house made dark chocolate truffles came with our bill to fill in any remaining empty spots in our tummies.

Although the entrees still need a bit more work, we're glad to see the chefs have stepped things up in the appetizer department and as always, excellent desserts for a memorable night full of food, laughter, and view of the sun setting over the city.

La Ronde Resolving Restaurant in Crown Plaza Chateau Lacombe
10111 Bellamy Hill Edmonton, AB T5J0S1
Phone (780) 428-6611
Hours Dinner daily 5:30pm till late, Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm
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