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Saturday 7 July 2012

Highlands Kitchen Edmonton, AB - Great meals and amazing pulled pork crepe in... a neighbourhood cafe!

Rating Food 8/10, Service 8/10
For dinner with some wonderful folks, we booked a table at Highlands knowing that space is tight and they have limited seating since they really are a neighbourhood cafe. A well appointed and class one at that with plenty of cheerful sunbeams coming through large windows, and decor reminiscent of a by gone Victorian era.  Service was prompt, friendly and knowledgeable, and we settled in for a tasty meal!

After TastingTraveller practically raved about the sunflower pate in his visit reviewed here, we had to try the Sunflower seed pate with lazy pickles, red currant jelly and crostini for ourselves. Pates are generally made with livers and meat of poultry or duck to impart its characteristic richness to the spread. The sunflower seed pate was an ingenious meatless pate using the richness from sunflower seeds instead of fowl. Paired with super crunchy thin crostinis, slightly tangy thinly sliced pickles and some cranberry sauce, this dish was a winner. If only they drizzled some olive oil over the crustinis and served them hot - wow.

We also ordered the Olive and cranberry tapenade with almonds and crostini. Partially because I developed a love of olives after a trip to the Mediterranean a few years back (my Lebanese friend's parents and my arteries would be proud!), and partially because I wanted to try the lovely combination of salty tangy olives, sweet cranberries and crisp toasted slivered almonds on top of the same super crisp crunchy crostinis served with the sunflower pate. Mmmmm! We shamelessly asked for more crostinis so we could continue snacking while we chatted and caught up.

One of our crew had the Triple AAA beef tenderloin pan-seared, with horseradish-red pepper chimchurri, lentils and seasonal vegetables Marinated well, and cooked to your liking, this savoury steak was served on and a bed of robustly flavoured creamy lentils and topped with a flavourful horseradish-red pepper chimchurri, with some steamed baby carrots on the side. Plenty of flavours that worked well together in this cohesive dish

My boyfriend loved his entree... Pork Crepes with slow-roasted Alberta pork, Saskatoon berry BBQ sauce, marinated onions, with nachynka and apple-braised cabbage Hands down favourite of the night with the most amazing pulled pork drenched in the berry sauce with its richness cut by the marinated onions and refreshing tangy coleslaw. Best pulled pork crepe ever. Its a deconstructed pulled pork sandwich dressed up to the nines. Come to mama!!

With their menu occasionally switching things up, I wasn't able to try the lamb koftas I had seen online a week earlier. Thats okay, me and another fellow foodie had the Slow cooked bison short-ribs with balsamic glaze, warm roasted garlic and rosemary potato salad and seasonal vegetables. One of the pieces was fall off the bone melt in your mouth oh-my-gawd succulent amazing as the fat from the bison ribs basted the meat while it was braised into a silky savoury perfection

Unfortunately, one of the pieces didn't have a nice piece of fat to protect it while it cooked, making it quite dry, with the meat feathering off. Thankfully, there was just enough sauce on the plate to soak it in and salvage it.

Not having too much space left, we shared the Dark chocolate fudge with fruit. Rich dark pieces of smooth creamy rich dark chocolate fudge paired with some fresh seasonal fruit capped off our meal

Overall, tasty upscale twists on homestyle favourites in a quaint little neighbourhood cafe. And they better keep that pulled pork crepe on the menu. Mmmm!

Highland's Kitchen
6509 112 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5W 0P1
Phone 780-477-2422
Hours Mon noon-8pm, Thurs 12pm-8pm, Fri noon-9pm, Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-8pm
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