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Sunday 8 July 2012

Chocolate Exquisite Edmonton, AB - best handcrafted chocolates and gelato in the city!

Rating 9/10, Service 9/10
This little gem has been around for years, with the dessert artist Dennis Yurkiwsky travelling almost yearly to Europe and Italy to hone his craft. Its tucked away in Oliver Square across from Vision Med and just to the right of Safeway if you're facing south. With a focus on natural and quality ingredients, and open ears to customer feedback, Dennis has changed the face of gelato in Edmonton... for the better!

A panel of tempting gelatos greet you as you enter. Using different bases, Dennis makes a range of textures and creaminess in his gelatos, yet still keeping true to using milk and not cream in his gelatos. There are ones as light as sorbets, and others so rich and indulgent, you'll do a double take when he tells you its made with milk!

The gelato master himself scooping a serving into a cup.  You can buy take home containers of gelato as well - if you're environmentally friendly and bring back a clean container, your next gelato purchase is discounted! :)

You can have a looky and be also tempted by a counterful of freshly handmade truffles and chocolate delights, and a pretty decent espresso machine in the corner of the shop.

Mmmm.. I had half a cup of Black forrest cake, and raspberry gelato. The black forrest gelato was intensely dark and rich, with sweet-tart little bits of cherries. The smooth sweet-tart raspberry gelato was loaded with plenty of fruit... Mmmmm!

My boyfriend had the guava gelato. Unfortunately, as Edmonton doesn't get decent fresh guavas unlike Ono Gelato in sunny Hawaii, Dennis makes his gelato with a lot of guava puree... and we're not complaining!

My favorite place for gelato in all of Alberta, and one of Edmonton's best kept secrets! And don't be scared to chat with Dennis - he's a fun and friendly character, and if you have time, he'll talk for hours about his passion for food and desserts.  Thanks Dennis for picking up your hobby years ago when you decided to retire... and hopefully yyou'll continue to make incredible gelatos and chocolates for a long time to come!

Chocolate Exquisite
11238-104 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5K 2X4
Phone 780-488-7852
Hours Sun 3pm-8pm, Mon-Tue Closed, Wed Noon-6pm, Thur 11am-7pm, Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 1pm-8pm
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