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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Chester's San Juan, Puerto Rico - super crispy, moist fried chicken with huge epic portions

So, we're at San Juan Airport, and with luggage in tow, we debate on where to go for lunch.  Should we try something before we enter the security area, or not knowing what's available (or appealing) after security?  Then we spotted Chester's in a small food court attached to the airport and before you enter the security area.  Now, in Canada, its so hard to find really good fried chicken.  I mean the southern style version where its soaked in buttermilk and seasonings, battered within an inch of its life and fried to a super crispy outside and incredibly moist inside - unless you happen to know some mom's that make soul fried chicken the way its supposed to be.  So, we gave Chester's a whirl.
I left my boyfriend to choose what to order.  He forgot how much bigger serving sizes are in the US.  Since Puerto Rico derives most of its tourists from the US, thier serving sizes follow suit.  The chicken is double battered and fried to order.  So after a few minutes, he returned with about 10lbs of food to the table.  I kid you not, I think the table groaned when he set the food down... or maybe it was my arteries.

He had not one, but TWO boxes full of deep fried goodness... and surprisingly a tinny fountain pop about 4 inches high.

The first was a "snack pack" with two pieces of fried chicken, taters.  My boyfriend thought that in the advertised picture where there was 3 pieces of taters, that's all you get.  Silly silly boy! The 2 pieces of chicken was massive - taking up 1/2 the box, while crisp taters filled up the other side of the box.  The chicken breast is so big, it obscures half my boyfriend's face when he bit into it LOL!

The other box was a "lunch meal" - for an entire family!  4 pieces of monster sized chicken is stuffed in with a dry crumbly biscuit (so dry we tossed it after 1 bite), and crammed full of taters.

The taters and biscuit weren't memorable, but the chicken!  Seasoned with a secret recipe they've been using since 1974, the double battered (cornflake?) exterior was extremely crispy and just pure deliciousness.  The chicken itself almost tastes like its been brined, as its so moist, juicy amazing, I'm practically dripping juices on the table as I bite in.  Wow. Just wow.  I think my heart just stopped :D

Hands down the best fast food fried chicken I've ever had.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we still had over 5lbs of food leftover... which we snacked on until we boarded our delayed plane... oi. I'm hoping the new one they've opened in Edmonton stands up to its counterpart store much much south of the border.  Cuz then my search for decent fried chicken in town will have a gloriously crispy moist delectable ending! (Well, I'll try it in a few months - need to give my arteries a chance!)  With Christmas fast approaching, there's going to be a lot of exercise up ahead!!

Address Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport Juan Puerto Rico
Hours Daily

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