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Sunday 13 May 2012

Corso 32 Edmonton, AB - great grilled cheese, black truffle ravioli, roasted hazelnut argula salad and wild boar pasta

Rating Food 8.5/10, Service 7/10
Headed here for a late dinner with a good friend since he was in town after work a while ago - yes, I'm a bit behind on my posts. Seating is tight side, as the venue is quite narrow.  Service was a bit off that night - we weren't told what the specials were, and as there wasn't enough space for the waiter to squeeze in behind me to access the table behind us, we eventually just moved the entire table 8 inches over as I got tired of having my meal  repeatedly interrupted with requests to moving my chair - and I'm a thin guy! 

As we both had to drive after our meal, we were a bit disappointed they were sold out of the non-alcoholic drinks we wanted. Ah wells, on to the food! We Macgyver'ed a spotlight for our food with flashlight app on our phones and the pics turned out ok in the dim lighting. First up on the menu was one of my favs - the humble grilled cheese taken to the next level. Truffle infused cheese oozes out of the crisp flavourful bread, with the grilled green onion giving it a nice sweetness and a perfect runny sunny-side up egg and more cheese sprinkled on top. Mmmmm!

The pear, arugula and toasted hazelnut salad was really tasty. Thin slices of ripened pear, slightly bitter and tender arugla leaves, lots of toasted hazelnuts and shaved truffled infused cheese. It was like eating a Ferrero Rocher, but minus the chocolate. So simple and so yummy!

Next up was the black truffle fonduta ravioli. Wilted sweet (and magically not bitter) brussel leaves, lots of butter, and Parmigiano cheese. Win! Loved the brussel sprout leaves, not bitter at all. Very nice truffle flavour, with the cheese goo.. didn't even notice this was a meatless dish... mmmm!

Last, we had the Pappardelle, wild boar sausage, tomato, mint and Pecorino pasta. This came in the same sauce as the pork jowl served last week - its just as salty, and quite acidic. The pasta was a little more than al dente - but I like my pasta a bit undercooked, and wild boar sausage was nice, with a hint of spiciness rounding out the dish.

Overall, a great if tiny place to have traditional Italian with an upscale twist.

Corso 32
10345 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 421-4622
Hours Tue-Sun5pm-Midnight, Closed Mon and every second Tues
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