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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Dadeo New Orleans Diner and Bar Edmonton, AB - Po' Boys, catfish, oysters, calamari, sweet potato fries and flambe banana foster!

Rating: 8/10
With a craving for some delicious yam fries, Po' Boys, and deep fried oysters, we called up some friends and headed to this narrow little venue with lots of retro campy fun decor. We lucked out and had a great waitress serving us our food with a big slice of wit.  I was playing around with the camera settings, and no, still haven't figured out how to easily take pics in dim lighting.  One of these days... anyways, onto the fooooood!

A decent selection of beers and nostalgic drinks like cherry coke, vanilla coke are available, as well as freshly squeezed lemonade. Mmm.

Cherry coke on the left, freshly squeeze lemonade center and AlleyKat's Full Moon Pale Ale

Everyone starts with a small complimentary fluffy biscuit with a small cup of radioactive bright green jalapeno jelly, sweet with just a hint of jalapenos.  Too bad we arrived later in the evening, as these biscuits rock when they're hot out of the oven.

the Po'Boys!

Waffling between my 2 favs- blackened catfish and the deep fried oyster Po'boys, I decided to have the best of both worlds.. get the blackened catfish Po'Boy and some fried oysters on the side. Mmm! But first up is the Calamari Po'Boy my girlfriend ordered. Crisp light seasoned batter encases calamari cooked to a tender perfection piled onto a soft bun with scratch cocktail sauce, herb mayo, lettuce and tomatos.

And the Fried Oysters Po'Boy her husband ordered - 2 medium sized and one baby oyster battered in a crispy med-thin seasoned crunchiness that just burst with yumminess as you bite in. The herb mayo adds in a punch of flavor and the Po'boy is also dressed with some lettuce, and tomatos on a bun.

The Blackened Catfish Po'Boy For the uninitiated, you have been totally missing out! This fatty creamy fish is seasoned in spices, blackened on a grill and served with herb mayo, lettuce, tomato and tequila salsa. Yummmmmy!  Got mine with a side of peppery chunky potato hash and a side of mushroom gravy to go with the hash. Nom!

Paired with a tangy happy alcoholic sauce with heat that builds as you eat it on a soft toasted bun, its no surprise my bf ordered one, and he got his with the crispy-smooshy mildly spicy sweet potato/yam fries along with a tasty aioli for dunking

I mentioned deep fried oysters yes? These babies disappeared fast... lusciously silky savory inside, a nice seasoned crisp batter and served with a horshradishy ketchup. Nomnomnom!

Normally we don't have space as we totally pig out at Dadeo's. But we were eyeballing the flambeed dessert we saw being made at tableside the last time we came, so we saved room this time around. Heehee.. and other tables subsequently ordered the same once they started seeing the towering column of flames. Yes, it made my inner pyro quite happy, and we still had all of our eyebrows intact :D  So, we first started with...

A stick and a half of butter or so...

Melt said ridiculous amount of butter...

Add in about 2 cups of brown sugar and let the it get happy

Tip in the bananas so they don't make a big splash

Look at that caramel love swirling around in the pan

the dark rum tipped in (don't be shy about it!)...

The molten mixture with flames dying down

Serve over some vanilla ice cream, and you have yourself an indulgent and very very caramelly dark rum laced soup with a few sliced soft bananas, super melty vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  It could have used a bit more time on the stove to caramelize the sugar some more, thickening up the caramel, and a bit more bananas vs a bowl of caramel, but Mmmmm.. sooo sweet!

You have to go eat their Po' Boys and oysters.. and lean back when they light the banana foster up in flames. Eyebrows do look good on ya :)

Dadeo's New Orleans Diner and Bar
Address 10548 82 Ave NW Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 433-0930
Hours Mon-Sat 11am -1130pm, Sun noon-10pm Closed Wednesdays

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KimHo said...

Cajun/Creole is one of the cuisines there is in Edmonton that does not exist in Vancouver. As in nill, zero, nada. There used to be a Dadeo's in Vancouver but that didn't seem to have worked. In contrast, in Edmonton, you have Dadeo's, Lousiana Purchase and Red Piano.

Last time I was in Dadeo's was way back in fall 2011 with a friend and we both had po'boys. I was slightly disappointed with the bread as it felt a bit too doughy (think Subway but worst). I guess that, after eating one too many banh mi and preferring their crunchy and light consistency, I have taking a preference to breads for this type of sandwiches. Now, not sure if it was because I was there on Monday, though. Back then, there were specials on Mondays and Tuesdays. Are those still on? Also, found the sweet potato fries not being cooked enough (it was still crunch). I thought it was a one off, as previous visits were better (including the one instance I blogged). said...

The bread has changed over the years - previously, it was a nice almost artisian freshly baked hoagie style with a soft fluffy interior and cornmeal dusted crust crust. They then had almost hotdog style buns at one point (their regular bakery went on strike?), followed by the current bread - slightly better than regular grocery store style sub bread.

And yup - they still have Po'Boy nights on Monday and Tues, and I've just had a little birdie tell me that they have even better coconut cream pies than Vi's for Pies. I wonder if they make keylime pies.. mmm!

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