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Monday 21 May 2012

Hot Wok Restaurant Edmonton, AB - Known for their sticky rice stuffed boneless chicken wings and crab steamed in fragrant wine

Sticky rice stuffed boneless deep fried chicken wings
Rating Food 7.5/10, Service 7.5/10
After a long day making wedding related things for our girlfriend, we call up a few more hungry folks and head to Hot Wok for supper. Many know it as the previous Rose Garden, which has long changed ownership since 2008 when it was closed down due to breaking some health regulations. Its clear the new management is doing something right as its bustling, its busy and its packed with people tonight as we try to get a table, and luckily, we're seated before long.  Waitstaff have varying levels of English, but are polite and efficient even if you don't have any friends that speak Chinese.

We were lazy and ordered a 6 person set meal. First out was the Fish maw and egg drop soup. With lots of pieces of soft pieces of fish maw (soft and tender air bladder of a fish), this soup is served with some red wine vinegar and white pepper on the side to complement the soup.

Next up was the sticky rice stuffed deep fried boneless chicken wings Hot Wok is known for. Mmmm!

This boneless chicken wing with crispy skin is loaded with seasoned sticky rice, diced Chinese mushrooms, diced Chinese sausage. Its deep fried to perfection with the meat moist and succulent. Dunk into the malt vinegar provided to give it an additional punch of flavour. Nom!

Next was one of our fans - Crab steamed in fragrant Chinese wine. The almost floral notes of the wine gives the crab a delicate flavour, and the bed of vermicelli that everyone angles for is saturated with the essence of fresh crab, green onions and wine. Lots and lots of wine. Mmmm.

The next dish to come out of the kitchen was the seafood bird's nest. This freshly fried potato and taro root nest is loaded up with squid, shrimp and a few scallops stir fried with carrots, sweet peas and celery. Needed a bit more ginger to really make it shine, but still pretty tasty.

Yup, there's more! Next was the dried scallop and enoki mushrooms over baby bok choy. A simple dish, with the dried scallops adding to the salty savouriness of the mess of mushrooms. The mushroom gravy the dish was drenched in was a bit on the salty side alone, but since our meal came with a big bucket of rice, helped balance it out a bit

One of the Tilapias' we saw happily swimming around in the tank found itself swimming in a pool of sweetened soy sauce as our fresh steamed Tilapia served up with a mountain of ginger and green onions after being steamed to a moist perfection.

The crispy fried chicken was the next entree out. While the chicken skin was fried to a rich golden brown crispy, and the prawn chips were also freshly fried, the chicken was unfortunately quite overcooked and dry.

Finishing off our meal, we had a red bean tapioca dessert. Creamy and not too overly sweet, it was a great way to finish off the night

Overall, a good place to grab a really inexpensive and authentic Chinese meal. This set meal for 6 was ~$120 before the addition of one extra stuffed chicken wing, tax and tip.

Hok Wok Restaurant
Address 16520 100 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB T5P
Phone (780) 486-3378
Hours Mon-Sat 4pm-midnight, Sun 4pm-10:30pm
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