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Thursday 17 May 2012

Joey Restaurant Jasper, Edmonton, AB - great peach bellinis, steak and shrimp... tuna burger needs work

Rating Service 8/10, Food 7.75/10, Ahi tuna burger 0/10
For a recent girl's night out, we headed to Joey's on Jasper for old time sake. We used to head here like clockwork during our university years, and we're glad not too much has changed since. There's been in the introduction of some newer appetizers - things that they originally experimented with and now are a favourite entrenched in their menu. Service is still friendly and efficient, with the dining area noisy from all the people packed at the tables and bar.  Dimly lit, the decor hasn't changed much over the years - dark woods brightened up with warm touches of gold and red and glass accents here and there... but onto the food!

Although they do have a wide selection of cocktails and beers, we order our fav - Peach Bellinis! Appleton Jamacian rum, a wedge of peach, sparkling wine and cold smooth sangria slush.  Hello Bellini pitchers!! Mmmmmm!

My girlfriends started with warm crab and goat cheese dip - interspersed with a few good chunks of crab meat, it was too "goaty" flavoured for me, but my girlfriends had already polished off half of this platter as I had showed up late... and made this hot gooey cheesey dip disappear quickly (no pic). Next came our entrees. First up was the Steak and Prawns 7oz top sirloin lightly seasoned and grilled to your liking. Served with a bamboo skewer of grilled herbed butter slathered prawns, a side of veges and two deep fried wonton rolls filled with creamy cheesy mashed potatoes. Love those mashed potato "spring rolls".

Next up was my other girlfriend's entree a top 9oz sirloin. Did I mention the cheesy mashed potato spring roll came topped with sour creme, more cheese and crispy bacon bits?

Next up was my entree Ahi tuna club with a side of Tandoori Chicken soup. The tuna was grilled rare, served with arugula, tangy red pepper relish, panko breaded onion rings and bacon on a toasted sesame bun. The flavours tended to overwhelm the flavour of the tuna - tonight that was a good thing as the tuna was not fresh, and had a definite fishy flavour to it. The Tandoori soup special of the night was a hit - an aromatic bowl of soup loaded with shredded chicken and with just enough spices to make you sweat a little. Unfortunately for me, I really shouldn't have caved into hunger and finished off the greyish coloured tuna as I started retching and gagging as soon as I got home as my stomach battled to keep the tuna down. I eventually won?... my stomach rumbled and snarled at me until the next morning. I've had this burger before with no issues... and now I've learned my lesson - don't ever eat fish at a place that serves mainly burgers and steaks.

We get a molten chocolate lava souffle served with a sccop of vanilla ice-cream and tangy raspberry coulis, this lava cake is unchanged and still one of their most popular dessert ever since we started heading here a good hmm... a good 10years ago or so since they opened.

Its a light cake on the outside, a dense dark chocolate fudge goo on the inside. Mmmm.

Joey Restaurant Jasper location
Address 11228 Jasper Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5K 2V2
Phone 780-420-1996
Hour Sun-Wed 11am-midnight, Thurs-Sat 11am-1am
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