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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Oliveto Trattoria Edmonton, AB - Tasty Italian fare from family run restaurant

Food 8/10, Service 8/10
On a cool nippy and rainy night, me and my boyfriend were craving a hot bowl of pasta to warm us up. Remembering that my fellow coworkers recommended Oliveto's a while back, we drove to this cozy little family run restaurant in Terwillegar to give it a whirl. Friendly and informative service, tasty and well executed pastas was on the menu tonight!

The seating area was small, cozy and decorated in olive, yellow and tomato hues, with greenery here and there. As it was a weeknight, we stuck with non-alcoholic drinks.  Unfortunately, they had ran out of a lot of the ones we were hoping for and settled for iced tea- which tasted like it was a powdered-can rendition. We noshed on some complimentary warm crusty bread with butter while we waited for our food to come out.

They were sold out of gnocchi, which my boyfriend was really craving, so he went with the Tagliolini with sausage, prawns, scallops, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, artichoke pesto and chicken broth instead.

This was a huge bowl of pasta packed with flavor. The seafood was cooked perfectly and the chicken broth added in just the right about of moisture. We had a few quibbles - the sausage was flavorful, though a bit dry - if sliced it a bit thicker, the sausage may have stayed juicy rather than having a dry air cured pepperoni texture. Also, the pesto/chicken broth was quite salty (we held back the grated parmigiano reggiano on the side too!) - worked well for first few bites, but salt became more and more predominant note as you took more bites. Still, this colorful dish was quite tasty despite the saltiness.

As they were out of anglehair pastas which I was eyeing as first choice, I went with the Penne with prawns, pancetta, vodka rose sauce.

The large shrimps were perfectly cooked to crisp and savory bites. The silky velvet rose sauce made this dish. The generous amount of wine and tomatos blended into this sauce cut the heaviness typically found in cream sauces to a delicious full bodied sauce. Yummm!

Overall, a great little family run restaurant when you're hankering for some tasty authentic Italian fare, or a huge bowl of satisfying pasta. The portions were so large, that even after packing away half our meals for lunch the next day, we ran out of room for dessert. I can't decide if we like Piccolino's or Oliveto's better for family style Italian. Will just have to vist more more often to decide!  Tiramisu.. I will see you next time!

Oliveto Trattoria
500 Riverbend Square, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6R 2E3
Phone (780) 435-6411
Hours Mon-Fri 11:30am-9pm, Sat 5pm-9pm, Sun closed
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