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Sunday 21 October 2012

Clive Burger Calgary, AB - Macho burgers + awesome milkshakes+ uber cute marketing = Clive Burger

Rating 8/10 After hearing some good buzz about Clive Burger, on my last trip down, he headed straight there for dinner along with some family that had a hankering for a good burger.
With clean lines, the front is a simple fast food counter, with extra wooden seating in the back, along with their super cute cartoonie mascots. If you could package cute and sell it, Clive burger has it down to an art... literally. These cute fast food and condiment characters festoon their wrappers, advertising and of course, their walls.

The circle of life.. Clive Burger style

So the process is pretty simple: Pick a burger- single, double or triple with or without cheese. Order sides separately. Pick out your toppings: lots of free toppings (they add on for you), and things like bacon and eggs and grilled mushrooms were extra. This was my burger... a hard fried egg (ordered runny), lettuce tomatoes, onions, Clive sauce, ketchup, mustard, and pickles on a lightly grilled soft bun. I enjoyed it much more than Fatburger's similar concept of pick burger and free/extra toppings. But the patty was unseasoned and egg was sadly overcooked. However with the Clive sauce, it was still pretty decent. But not nearly as good as Alley Burger.

There was 5 of us, so we ordered our burgers, but we only have pics of 2 as the others dug in before we had a chance to take pics. I also got a ginger beer, which was the typical canned ginger beer.. nothing like gingery homemade beer from Heritage Days.

My brother got a chocolate milkshake which was totally awesome. Thick and creamy.. nice and smooth.. and I'm not sure why they even give you a straw... probably to chuckle at the face you make as you get an aneurysm trying to use your straw on this delicious shake that you can eat with a spoon!

His burger had a nice runny egg (which exploded), tomato, lettuce, grilled mushrooms (paid but they forgot to put in), cheese and all the sauces. Its too bad they forgot the grilled mushrooms, but they were pretty busy.  Burger was still pretty decent.

The fun mascots added in a touch of childhood whimsy... and how can you resist the mascots? Oh yeah, there's alcoholic "soda" for the adults as well.  The soda cup is our fav... whats yours?

Overall, you can tell Clive Burger is well organized, has a passion for burgers and we'll definitely be back. With a bit of fine tuning and more consistency, Clive Burgers will be leaving lots of belles super happy!

Clive Burger 
Address 736 17th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB T2S0B7
Phone (403) 461-7088
Hours Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-3am
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