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Thursday 18 October 2012

Wicked Thai soup at Royal Alex and University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton AB - stampede every friday

Most folks equate hospital food = ICK! But occasionally, there are exceptions out there... like Misericordia's Hospital's amazing fresh cheese buns baked only every Friday in their Garden Cafeteria, while on Thursdays at the Foothills Hospital it's a race to lunch for their Butter Chicken Thursdays, and at the University of Alberta and Royal Alex Hospitals, they have a Friday special as well: Wicked Thai soup.
So what's the big deal? There's got to be a reason why this soup sells out within 30min of it showing up in the big soup canisters used to transport them to the cafeteria. Well, from the aromatic scents of chilis, coconut milk, spices, and lime wafting upwards as soon as the soup lip is removed... evocative of warm fragrant homemade Thai curry contrasting sharply with the well, sterile environment, I can understand why this special soup disappears so fast and is so popular. I arrived early and picked up a bowl with a multigrain bun for around $4.

Loaded up with plenty of the standard carrots, onions, celery, there's lots of large chicken pieces, kaffir lime leaves, rice and some sliced mushrooms.

This hearty soup is rounded out with a splash of coconut milk to add richness without being too heavy and just a trace of chilis to warm you up to your toes.So if you feel like a tasty Thai soup for these nippy Fall days, make sure you head early ~10/10:30am if you want a bowl! *slurp!*   


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you have the recipe! I crave this soup!

nomnomnom said...

*sigh* Unfortuantly, I don't! Its always been easier (and part of the fun) to race to get a bowl on fridays if I'm in the area than to try to concoct a version at home. However, once it gets colder, I might try making a batch or 3 at home :)

Anonymous said...

They still sell it, although they stopped for a few months until everyone protested. They brought it back as a "premium" soup for $4 a bowl. Still worth buying two bowls and putting one in the ward fridge for supper!

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