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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Van Loc Vietnamese Submarine Edmonton, AB - Best Vietnamese subs in the city!

Where do we go when we have a craving for crisp baguettes stuffed full of savory Vietnamese shaved meats and crunchy pickled veges? Look no further than Van Loc, a small Vietnamese deli that serves up arguably the best Vietanmese subs in Edmonton. When in Calgary, we get the spicy beef or chicken satay subs from the "dumpster" sub place in Chinatown. If you're wondering where the heck that is, ask any Vietnamese person in Calgary. In Edmonton, we've been going to Van Loc for their delicious made to order Viet subs for years. They make in house traditional desserts and snacks which are usually popped into the display counter to the right, and all the various deli meats are available for purchase in the deli counter on the left. Sure, the decor could use some updating, and the menu board could be a bit less vague - but we're here for the subs, and if you're not certain of something, the staff will tell you what they put into everything. Order in the center where the cute little old lady with her ever present smile or her friendly family will make your sub to order.

#1 Assorted Sub
All subs are available with additional hot peppers (for the crazy sadistic people that love loading their subs up with insanely hot peppers).  The Assorted sub is my personal fav - the french baguette is toasted and then loaded with several types of thinly shaved savory Vietnamese deli meats, a creamy and rich pate spread as well as a pile of refreshingly tangy lightly pickled julienned carrots, cucumbers and cilantro. Mmmmmm!

Be prepared to be a bird's best friend... the crusty crunchy toasted baguette will litter crumbs ALL over the place as you attempt to eat it. The paper wrapper helps a bit, but yes, if you don't have a crumbs covered lap/table/floor by the time you're finished, you didn't eat this sub right ;)

#8 BBQ Meat Sub
This one is my boyfriend's favourite. How can you say no to a freshly warm toasted baguette loaded with lots of sliced sweet-savory BBQ pork meatballs, crisp refreshing crunchy marinated julienned carrots, cucumbers and some fresh cilantro to add a burst of brightness? You just dig in. Mmm!  You can also add peanuts if you like!...
BBQ meatball happiness!

The best Vietnamese subs in the city hands down. Yummy! or in Viet - "Rất ngon!!"

Van Loc Vietnamese Submarine
10648 98 Street Nw, Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 413-8887
Hours Open 9:30am-7pm daily. Closed on Tuesdays
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