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Friday 6 April 2012

Khazana Edmonton, AB - Back for dinner, grilled cheese, curry and butter chicken!

Rating Service 7.5/10, Food 8/10
With an craving for freshly baked naan, grilled cheese and Khazana's oh so satisfying butter chicken, we step into the burnished copper and warm wood decorated dining room redolent with all sorts of savory scents, and snag a table close but not too close to the roasty toasty fireplace.  After we place our order, we catch glimpses of the chef using ridiculously long hooks to fish out freshly baked goodies, or reach deep into the oven to slap naan dough inside.  Service was efficient, though a bit inconsistent.

Rather than our regular mango lassi, we go with the lychee one since I looooove lychee. It tastes heavily of canned lychee (it is the middle of winter, so I'm not complaining), and serves its duo purpose well: cool, light, refreshing and with a trace of tangy yogurt to cool your palate down from the layers of spicy heat we're soon going to experience!

crisp flatbread
These crisps of complimentary flatbread are served with a tangy cherry? dipping sauce and a refreshing and spicy green sauce with a hint of mint

Tropical Grilled Salad 
Fresh pineapple slices, sweet bell peppers chunks and large cubes of cottage cheese are laced in a creamy and slightly spicy sauce before being grilled to perfection and garnished with some fresh herbs. I totally ignored the dipping sauce as it was extraneous. Love the cottage cheese! There is no comparison to the runny slimy grocery store version. Their cottage cheese is dense and creamy - similar to a mild unripened fresh cheese curd. Mmm!

Naan bread
While the naan bread was not unlimited - only at lunch (see lunch review!), dinner is by the platter). Tender soft, hot out of the tandoori oven with a slight smokiness, and slathered with a bit of oil or butter, the thin and slightly chewy texture is perfect scooping up and getting every last drop of yummy sauce from your plate. Nom! Too bad there are only 2 pieces with each order. *sigh*

Baadshahi Lamb
Large chunks of lean and tender boneless lamb are simmered in this aromatic mild red curry with tomatoes and diced vegetables. Starting out mild, the gentle spiciness builds as you dig into this savory and satisfying dish, warming you from head to tippy-toes.

Butter Chicken
Buttaaaaaa chicken! Mildly spiced pieces of boneless chicken breast in a tangy fresh tomatoes-heavy butter cream curry, laced with a swirl of cream. Notes of turmeric, saffron, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, lime leaves, bay leaves, garlic, shallots, onions and probably a lot more spices than I can name dancing on your tongue. It might look like there's a lot of sauce, but its perfect to eat with the basmati rice or naan. NOM!

Overall, a consistently tasty place to satisfy your cravings for curry, with lots of choices for the vegetable inclined.  Bring your appetite... The dishes look deceivingly small! 

10177 107 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5J 1J4
Phone (780) 702-0330
Hours Mon-Thu Buffet 11:30am-2pm and Dinner 5-9:30 pm; Fri Buffet 11:30am-2pm, Dinner 5pm-10:30pm; Sat Dinner only 5-10:30 pm
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