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Monday 15 June 2015

The Burger's Priest Edmonton, AB - heavyweight burger joint with mammoth secret menu items

A few weeks before Burger's Priest opened, all my friends that did schooling or grew up in the Toronto area were excited. Ok, my facebook nearly exploded with all their messages.  So a few weeks after Burger's Priest grand opening, we hit it up - our schedules didn't allow us to go earlier and one Sunday they were unexpectedly closed to give their staff a much needed break after a crazy grand opening week. Onto the burgers!
With a tongue in cheek spin on biblical allusions, you can nosh on the regular menu, or after answering a biblical themed question on their website, you can access all the crazy items (regular menu items mashed together in towers of food) on their secret menu.  Since it was only the two of us, fiancĂ© had a Double cheese burger while I had the Judgement Day. 

The bun was nice and soft, the burger lean, the cheese oozy - and all we could think of was - this tastes like a much much better quality version of the big Mac. Might have been because the sauce was thousand island dressing.

The Judgement Day is a combination of the Priest burger with an additional "option". The "option" is what they call their awesome vegetarian patty - 2 portabello mushrooms sandwiching a hunk of cheese, then dipped in a crispy batter and deepfried to perfection. You can have a vegetarian burger with just the "option" patty if you want to keep things a bit more light.. or you can have 2 option patties and a beef patty too in the Judgement day.

We also had a malt milkshake, which was the only downer of the night - we were hoping to have an old fashioned thick malty milkshake, but this one tasted more like watery leftover brewery malt and if you're into that, great, but we tossed it after a few sips.  The fires were good though and redeemed themselves for the not to tasty malt milkshake.

Back to the Judgement Day tower - must have been named for how you feel trying to finish the mammoth burger just oozing with melty cheese goodness. 

I don't know if I have it in me to ever finish the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse burger tower - 3 cheese topped beef patties and 2 "options".. it would take a very hungry person with lots of tummy room to polish off that behemoth! I think it took me 370 days to get out of my food coma after finishing the Judgement Day.  Next time I think I'll just get an "option" or two... I think I'm in love with the ooey gooey cheesiness of the stuffed portabello mushrooms. Burger's Priest, you're my kind of religion!

Burger's Priest
Address 10148 – 109th Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 1M7
Phone 780 760 0777
Hours Mon - Wed 11am-10pm, Thurs - Sat 11am-10:30pm, Sun noon-8pm
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