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Wednesday 3 June 2015

My Wonderful Kitchen, Richmond Hill, ON - tasty and beautifully presented Chinese food!

We popped into this modern and light filled Chinese restaurant for dinner on one of our last days in Toronto during the last long weekend.  You're welcomed by primary colored accents, a waiting room with plenty of ipads to entertain the kids, friendly waitstaff and delicious scents coming out from the kitchen.  Was told by my uncle that this place takes a bit more pride in presentation as well as making tasty food and we weren't disappointed. On to the food!

The menu changes frequently as the chefs like experimenting.  We ordered some of my family's favorites (that were still on the menu) as well as a couple new dishes.  First to come out was Steamed chicken in bamboo steamer.  This was interesting as the chicken is first seasoned and steamed in lotus leaves and then finished off by frying to crisp up the skin. The resulting hybrid cooked chicken was moist, flavorful and had a nice crispy skin.  The lotus flavor was subtle with the frying, but the chicken was still very enjoyable.

I love Chinese BBQ - its done so differently than the usual North American style BBQ and like all BBQ, its so freaking delicious! And when I have an opportunity to eat it, not passing it up! The BBQ char sui or BBQ pork glazed with honey was succulently moist and savory, 

while the BBQ duck was expertly seasoned and roasted to perfection. Nom!

The next course was the Tilapia in broth which they're known for.  A fresh tilapia is flash deep fried, then gently poached in a savory unami filled fish broth amidst garlic, ginger, diakon slices, green onions and cilantro.

Its served in a super cute vessel and the fish was cooked to perfection - crispy skin on the exterior and moist perfectly cooked fish that soaked up the savory gently seasoned broth like a sponge. Nom!!

The next dish out was the Fried rice with soft shelled crab, pineapple and garlic. This dish tied with the Tilapia in broth for best dish of the night.  

Fluffy fried savory rice is mounded into a huge pyramid and is generously studded with baby scallops, grilled fresh pineapple, deep fried soft shell crab and super ridiculously tasty.

The next dish was so we could get some vegetables in - a simple but well executed dish of stirfried squid with vegetables with notes of ginger and garlic.

Anyone that loved mustard loved the Sizzling beef fillet in honey mustard sauce.  Pieces of tender beef sirloin is seared and swimming happily in an aromatic, slightly sweet grainy mustard sauce. Yum!

For people that still had tummy room, the last dish was Fried chow mein with seafood and vegetables. The noodles were nice and crispy with plenty of sauce to go with all generous amount of scallops, shrimp, squid and vegetables

For dessert we ended the night with shot glasses filled with mango tapioca pudding studded with diced pieces of sweet fresh mango and sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon.


Overall, a great family friendly Chinese restaurant that takes pride in not only executing delicious meals, they also take the time for food presentation so you can eat with your eyes and roll out the door with lots of leftovers.

My Wonderful Kitchen

Address Unit 101, 350 Hwy 7 E  Richmond Hill, ON L4B3N2
Phone (905) 889-1088
Hours Open daily from 9am-11pm
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