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Monday 29 June 2015

Fatburger Edmonton - huge made to order burgers

If you're wondering why the sudden spurt of burger joints on the blog - been craving them during the months leading up to the wedding... which isn't doing any favors for my waistline, but hey, getting in lots of manual labor exercise with landscaping the side yard so not feeling too guilty about it. The gown has a lace-up back too so it'll be more forgiving heehee! Anyhoos, so on a weekend where we were planning to hit up The Burger's Priest, they were closed for some reason, so we hit up Fatburger instead to satisfy our burger craving. We did eventually hit up The Burger's Priest - (review here).. onto the burgaaaaaaaaas!

We went with a strawberry milkshake as well as an Oreo milkshake. Not super thick, but very tasty and you can really taste the icecream in it.  Whipped cream topping optional.

WE also had the Chili cheese fries - nice crispy fries that remind us of McD's is topped with a big scoop of mild chili and a sprinkle of cheese.  If I was only having the chili cheese fries, more cheese would have een nice, but we barely touched the fries as the burgers took up most of our tummy space...

I went with the Original Fatburger - the 6oz burger while moist had most of its flavor come from the grill and the toppings. I added cheese and the regular groceries to my burger.. mmmm.

FiancĂ© when with the Double Fat Cheese - double the 6oz patties, double the cheese. He had a fried onion ring added to it for kicks and barely finished off his burger

H had the huge Kingburger Supreme - 2 massive patties, cheese and the works... Apparently in the States, for their biggest burger, you can order the XXL burger - with 1.5lbs of burgers added to it.. the Kingbuerger supreme weighs in at 0.5lbs of burger meat.. crazy!!


Overall a good place to get customized burgers with plenty of burger toppings available to customize to your heart's content.  Would like to see more sauce choices to jazz things up in the future.

Fatburger Edmonton

Address 3376 Gateway Blvd NW  Edmonton, AB T6J6V1
Phone (780) 757-3252
Hours Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm
Fatburger on Urbanspoon


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