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Monday 8 June 2015

Boogies Burgers Calgary, AB tasty huge burgers and delicious milkshakes!

We drove by this burger joint a few times and I finally got to hit it up a few weekends ago when I was down in Calgary visiting family. I'll be honest, the first time I saw the sign, I thought it read Booger Burgers (I wasn't that far off) and another friend thought it read Booby Burgers LOL!! Not too sure why its called Boogies Burgers, other than maybe the owners wanted to hear kids yell "I want BOOGIES!" hahahaha! Anyways, this eclectic burger joint is bursting with charm, fun, bright colors and delicious down to earth burgers and milkshakes... on to the food!

It was a super windy day and it didn't stop people from lining up out the door and into the parking lot.  We could hear the cooks at the grill poking fun at each other as the line slowly wound its way inside.  There's plenty of tasty traditional toppings  to top your burgers with as well as toppings perhaps odd to those that don't load up their burgers with untraditional toppings like Doritos chips, deep fried macaroni.. basically anything you want.  Everything is cooked to order so it takes a little while, and we kept or severely short attention spans occupied with the fun almost psychedelically colored decor of the place

With old school gaming systems as tables and fright funky walls and ceilings...

While not as super thick as Peters' Drive In's milkshakes, the flavors they have at Boogies Burgers definitely will give them a run for their money. As it was shortly after Easter, they still had the special Mini eggs milkshake and I went to town with a Fat Elvis (peanut butter, banana and bacon) milk shake.  On the left - Fat Elvis (peanut butter, banana & bacon) and on the right - Mini eggs milkshake

The Mini eggs milkshake I found to be a bit on the sweet side, but my cousin's fiancĂ©e was in love with it lol!

The Fat Elvis milkshake I still have dreams about. Its thick, creamy peanut buttery goodness with a touch of salt from small crispy its of fried bacon that surprisingly didn't get mushy over time. So. Damn. Good. I think I was a hunka hunka burning in love with the Fat Elvis milkshake. Nom!

My cousin had Fay’s BurgerOne patty, two slices of bacon, fried mushrooms, fried onions, mushroom sauce, lettuce and tomato.  The patty was grilled nicely and loaded up with the fixings. 

The savory mushroom sauce was just thick enough to hold the mushrooms together without them slipping out of the burger. He polished it off in record time and helped his fiancee and me with finishing out respective burgers.

Cousin's finance had the Mushroom Burger :One patty, fried mushrooms, fried onions, mushroom sauce, lettuce and tomato.. was amazing.  

There was a lot more of the savory rich mushroom sauce in this burger than Faye's and it miraculously kepted a huge pile of fried mushrooms and onions on top of the burger instead of your lap when you (barely) can get your mouth around it to take a bit. Mushroom awesomeness.

My burger was a Stampede/fairground hybrid - Deep Fried Mac ‘n Cheese BurgerOne patty, cheddar, three deep fried mac n’ cheese wedges, Boogie’s signature red sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion.  

I also added a fried egg to it as I love a runny egg on top of a great burger and this one was already pretty epic.

The deep fried mac n’ cheese wedges needed a bit of a sharper or older cheese as it got a little lost in all the other ingredients, but this was still a killer yummy burger.

We had upgraded one of our combos to sweet potato fries and we halfheartedly picked at them as we were sooooo full after attempting to finish our burgers and milkshakes.  The sweet potato fries were nicely crisp on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside and served with a garlic aioli... wished we had more tummy space!

Overall, a great funky and happening burger joint with tasty burgers and killer milkshakes.  Off to work out as I have a wedding coming up.. cheating with Fat Elvis (and a Boogies Burger) was totally worth it lol!

Boogies Burgers
Address 908 Edmonton Trl NE  Calgary, AB T2E3K1
Phone (403) 230-7070
Hours Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun noon-9pm
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