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Sunday 18 November 2012

Jumbo Dim Sum Dining Edmonton, AB - Tasty, huge portions of Chinese food in this twelve course meal and unlimited desserts!

Rating Food 8/10, Service 8/10
For a recent dinner with my family because we didn't feel like cooking for a lot of people, we  headed out to Jumbo Dim Sum Dining for a twelve course meal... everyone picked what they wanted to eat and we eventually ended up with a 12 course meal!  Doesn't hurt that they have unlimited traditional dessert for the kids (bit and small) which you can view at our last visit here or two here for dinner. Anyways, onto the food!

We started off our meal with a both hot and cold appetizers as we couldn't decide which one we wanted... so we got both! Peking Duck rolls was our hot appetizer, with the crispy duck skin carved off the roasted duck at tableside to make a nice little mound on the platter.

Whoops, lets try that without the harsh flash

Which you wrap up in thin wrappers and add in hoisin sauce and veges - cucumbers, carrots and sliced leeks, the standard

And stuff you face full of rich crispy duck skin with a trace of the moist succulent duck meat. Mmmm!

Up next was the Cold appetizer platter tower.  Its essentially a Chinese charcuterie platter with various pickled and brined varieties of cuts of meat, stacked up. It started with a base of pickled diakon, cabbage, carrots, topped with a layer of pickled springy and lightly spicy jelly fish, and topped with a heaping pile of still slightly warm moist duck meat pulled off the roast duck that we just had earlier.  It was all pulled together by a savory aromatic and lightly spicy peanut sauce.  For those with allergies, just let the kitchen know and they can sub it out with a peanut-free version.
Our third course was the soup.  Its pretty traditional at Chinese dinners to have soup served as an appetizer and to act as a palate cleaner or sorts.  This one was of a simple but tasty pork hock soup with suey choy and soft tofu.

And what's a large Chinese dinner without the seafood appetizer?  One of my cousins ordered the the large shrimp in mango cream. Well, peach, since they still haven't changed the menu. Nice large shrimp, lightly battered, deep fried crisp and tossed with a miracle-whip based sauce on a bed of iceberg lettuce. Sounds weird, but it works with this combination of tangy and savory. Dibs on the canned peaches heehee!

Well, we're not just gonna stop at shrimp! We got a double crab entree 
Two live crabs are cleaned, and cooked up in ginger and green onion infused oil. and a touch of wine to bring out the delicate sweetness of fresh crab. Mmmm!

Next up was one of my favs - Drunken chicken! Free range chicken is poached until cooked, then sits in a cold wine bath at least overnight. Fragrant with the wine its steeped in, this lean chicken packs a lot of flavor!

Our braised vege course included a pot full of baby boy choy topped with Chinese mushrooms, sea cucumber and fish air bladder all braised in a rich brown abalone sauce. 

Both the sea cucumber and the f.a.b are reportedly great for your skin and is highly valued for its health benefits... is like tofu - bland until its cooked with a sauce that it just sops up like bread. Nom.

We also ordered one of my cousin's favs - XO beef.  Its chunks of tender beef marinated and cooked in Jumbo's version of XO sauce.  Salty savory and just a hint of sweetness. Mmmm!

To balance off some of the meats, we also had the Baby bok choy cooked in broth and topped with enoki mushrooms. The lightly salted broth brings out the sweetness of the veges.  The roasted garlic is for anyone who wants to go haaaaaah! at their dinner companion!

My aunt hasn't tried their fried braised white fish, so we ordered that instead of the usual steamed live tilapia in sweetened soysauce and green onions.  The white fish pieces is battered in a thick coating, fried and sauced with a tangy tasty sweet and sour sauce on a bed of veges and served in a giant fish shaped "hot pot".

We shut off the  little "flues" vents on the side to prevent the fish from overcooking, but you can leave the flame going to keep the dish a bubbling away.

We had a plate of seafood fried rice to round out the meal - pretty good, with bits of scrambled eggs, med-large shrimp, some imitation crabmeat and green onions dotting the aromatic rice.

And last but not least, its traditional to have noodles (signifying longevity) at a Chinese meal, and our twelfth course is the Stirfried Yee Mein- fragrant with the Chinese oyster and mushroom sauce the noodles slowly absorb as its cooked. Mmmm. 

I ran out of room for their unlimited traditional desserts - you can read about them in my previous dinner 1 and dinner 2

Overall, a great place to eat alot of tasty Chinese fare and you'll be rolling out of there!

Jumbo Dim Sum Dining
10451 170 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5P4S7
Phone (780) 481-3838
Hours Open daily for dimsum and dinner
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Valerie O. Garrett said...

Basing on the pictures, my eyes do not deceive me; the serving proportions over the prices are very considerable and ample. This is a good Chinese resto.

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