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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Dadeo's New Orleans Diner and Bar Edmonton, AB, Tasty blackened catfish Po' Boys and key lime pie

Rating: 8/10
With a craving (when do we not get cravings?!) we braved the cold headed to Dadeo's for some of their deeply soul satisfying Po' Boys, retro campy fun and eclectic  decor. Fooda fooda foooooooood!

My boyfriend had his fav nostalgic cherry coke, while I passed on my usual freshly squeezed lemonade, so I could save room for dessert tonight.

We place our orders, and start with a small complimentary fluffy biscuit and their well known radioactive bright green jalapeno jelly, sweet with just a hint of jalapenos. 

the Po'Boys!

Both of us went with my love, my tried and true, my just shut your gob and eat me Blackened Catfish Po'Boy.  Its rich,
 fatty creamy decadence.  The creamy rich catfish belly pieces are liberally coated in blackening Cajun spices, blackened on a grill and served with herb mayo, lettuce, tomato and tequila salsa. NOM!  Got mine with a side of peppery chunky potato hash and a side of coleslaw. The po'boy is out.!
Paired with a tangy sauce with gentle heat that builds as you eat it on a soft toasted bun we seriously wondered if we could have a double order of the blackened catfish awesomeness in our po'boys. Next time my friends, next time.  My boyfriend had his po'boy with the crispy outside, smooshy soft inside, mildly spicy sweet yam fries. 

The yam fries were done really well this time around, and we didn't even need the little container of aioli provided for dunking

Passing up on the rich flambee'd banana foster we had the last time we came, went with the Key Lime Pie instead.

Still slightly frozen, the subtly tart mousse like filling is like biting into a cloud and is nestled in a deliciously crumbly and crisp nutty and almondy pie shell.  Oh, and its virtually swimming in a fluffy mountain of fresh slightly sweetened whipped cream and a smattering of toasted coconut. YOM!

Go eat Po' Boys. They're addictive, delicious and if you still have room left for dessert - live a little! 

Dadeo's New Orleans Diner and Bar
Address 10548 82 Ave NW Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 433-0930
Hours Mon-Sat 11am -1130pm, Sun noon-10pm Closed Wednesdays

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Continental Treat Edmonton said...

if you weren't so scrupulous you could sell the recipe on ebay for a fortune, made me hungry

Continental Treat Fine Bistro said...

Easier to just go there and enjoy rather than putter around in kitchen trying to figure it out :) Somethings are just best to be enjoyed!

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