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Thursday 29 November 2012

Looking back at our favourite foodie things this year: Part 1 awesome friend foodies

Everyone makes lists. Top (insert # into here). Well, I'm gonna be lazy and just randomly ramble off the things that were awesome this spring, summer and fall... winter I'll get to in a few months once spring comes again and I'm not working my way out of snowbank for the umpth-teen time :)  Crap. The list is too long. Okay, part 1 will be all the awesome friend stuff, then part 2 will be random yummies at random restaurants.  This is going to be a food porn run! *you've been warned!*

KimChee's awesome food!
Kimchee, if your hubby is ever silly enough to be mean to you, we'll always make space for you (and in the kitchen! lol!)  Whether it be your awesome homemade bun bo hue (complete with blood pudding)

super comforting pho (loaded up with meeeeeat lol!)

or kick ass crab boil (pic just doesn't do it justice)

... Yeah, our tummies are pretty spoiled just knowing her... and our uncanny ability to show up when she's just finished making some food. Cheers to that! :D

Kathychee's super addictive mini chocolate macaron's! (recipe here)

H and B's yummy salmon with "secret" white sauce, marscapone cheese filled double baked potatoes... and super yummy sausage studded pastas.. mmmm!

L and C's to die for roasted vege stacks drizzled with flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Evoolution (wished I took a pic!!), simple and addictive potato crisps

Val's very addictive seafood dip
Can't forget Dal's (our go to meat guy - he always knows where the best and new meat-eries are) amazing smoked pulled pork nachos *drool*

 and equally amazingly moist smoked chicken *double drool!*

And one of my best combinations for messing around in the kitchen this year - a sweet potato egg nog brown sugared pecan tart!

... I hope we do a Christmas bake off again this year... sooo many baked preciouses!! ;D

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