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Wednesday 29 January 2014

A look back at the best tasty memorable eating out moments of 2013 in Edmonton and Calgary!

Yes, I know, this should have probably went up before its 2014 lol.. but hey.. we DO have a life outside eating.. even though a lot of has food featured in our potlucks and get togethers with friends and family.  So with no further ado, here's our favs from 2013 that were memorable (in a good way!).  We've got lots of favorites, but we'll list the must eat ones we've eaten in 2013.. 
We'll list them by City - Edmonton and Calgary in no particular order... (really just which ever dishes pop up into our heads first).  We did hit up tasty places in Vegas and Vancouver last year, but haven't had time to post on those places yet... so stay tuned for more posts later.
From little holes in the wall, casual spots, odd spots, fancy digs.. all were tasty spots!!


Cibo Bistro's melt in your mouth housemade Lonza.  Air cured pork loin (or tenderloin - lonzina?) is a creamy delectable goodness lightly drizzled with olive oil... so. damn. good! I could eat it all night long.  Full review here.

Sugar Bowl's awesome holiday poutine - hash browns with bison chili, breakfast sausage, mixed cheese and two sunny side up eggs.. its the wicked bison chili that puts it over the top!  Full review here

Don Day's super comforting and savory good Pork Bone Hot Pot.  Don't think simple can't blow your tastebuds away!  This soup is full of tasty complexities! Full review here

Sabor Divino's kick ass lobster risotto.  The dish looks so deceptively blah... but its a super rich, indulgent, creamy and loaded up with tender savory lobster pieces...  Do I really need to say more?  And no, this is not a dish to be shared, but hoarded and hiss at anyone who tries.. heeheehee... Full review here

My Empanada's... well empanadas! Made to order, these flaky hot delicious pastries with traditional Argentinean flavors are not to be missed... you can bring them home frozen if you want to bake them up yourself for meals or the late night snack. Full review here

Discovering Jacek Chocolates for the first time - this was her fall 2013 collection. Can taste why she's amongst the top chocolatiers in all of North America. Full review here

Sofra's handmade baked to order pita bread finished with sesame seeds and served with a garlicy garlicy hummus.  Its so simple, and soooo good! If you blink, they will be gone. Full review here

Friend's Indian Restaurant and Sweets for their succulent, moist and well seasoned Tandoori chicken.  You know its executed well if your Indian friends are shocked you've found a place that doesn't overcook it!

Olivetto's killer killer killer Bolognese sauce and pasta. The roasted herb encrusted rack of lamb with red wine reduction was great too, but I would have been just as happy with a huge bowl of Tagliolini tossed in that awesome Bolognese sauce. Full review here

Red Ox Inn's Sweetbreads  with mushroom chips, chestnut puree and walnuts. Beautifully executed melt in your mouth morsels of deliciousness that makes you wish for more.  Full review here

Fired Up BBQ's beef brisket, ribs and chicken.  Slowly smoked daily, these folks know how to smoke and its serious finger licking fall off the bone moist flavorful BBQ!!  Full review here.

Italian Centre's new Bar Italia in the West End... the made to order Margarita pizza is not only freaking divine, its easy on your wallet! When faced with only crust, sauce, cheese and basil, it leaves very little wiggle room... and their pizza maestro makes the best thin crust pizza in the city!  Full review here

Belgravia Hub's killer Gingerbread with bourbon caramel sauce and vanilla icecream. Warm thick slice of gingerbread with caramelized sugar edges... cool vanilla icecream melting in, all drizzled with a rich Bourbon caramel sauce. 'nuf said. Full review here

Canvas Coffee and Wine's incredibly addictive seafood mac and cheese. Applewood smoked cheddar, prawns, mussels, salmon and tender noodles in a crazy buttery creamy lobster cheese sauce. Its smack yourself in the face delicious! Full review here.

UNA Pizza and Wine for its ridiculous 4-maggi pizza with provolone piccante, friulano, fior di latte mozzarella and pecorino romana, finished with truffle honey. Its a cheese pizza on steroids. Hubba hubba! Full review here

Model Milk's indulgent and balanced Foie gras parfait with blackberry coulis and crostini. Its almost too pretty to eat, but we stepped up to the plate! NOM! Full review here

As well as Model Milk's amazingly executed melt in your mouth Broek Acres Pig with carrot jus, black kale and garlic crumbs. Sooooo damn good!!

Sunshine Pizza Unlimited or SPU's crazy good cheese bread with marinara sauce.  its the sauce, its the cheese, its the crack? Its super addictive and disappears fast. Full review here

Cerezo's Prosciutto Flamenca Egg. Specializing in Japanese fusion - this simple sweet slow cooked tomato sauce with crispy/creamy prosciutto and a soft egg yolk you break and dip crisp crostinis in... is pure delectable genius. Full review here.

Westbrook location of Sushi Ichiban's BBQ Salmon Kama - Grilled Salmon collar with ponzo sauce. Sooooo delectably rich, fatty and flavorful! Full review here

ABC restaurant's delicious fried chitterlings or deep fried pork intestines. Don't be grossed out before you try these crispy, savory bites of delight. Mmm!  

If you're less adventurous, a must eat is their unami rich and savory fish soup and noodles! Full review here

Fiasco Gelato's awesome gelato cookie sandwiches made with warm soft cookies fresh out of the oven... its awesomeness with a big scoop of more awesomeness. Mmmm! Full review here

And that's a wrap for Eatyourcity's look back at best eats eating out 2013! :D Now for a whole new year of yummy new eats...

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