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Thursday 16 May 2013

Sugarbowl Edmonton, AB - amazing cinnamon buns, and to die for bison chili!

We had MatchaMeanTea in town last long weekend, so we met up for brekkie at Sugar Bowl. We managed to score a table after a short wait as we just just missed the brunch rush… and scored cinnamon buns to boot as we finally came here early enough that they weren’t sold out... yaaah! 

While waiting for a table, there was a near steady stream of folks leaving with arms loaded up with said cinnamon buns. Yes, I totally forgot about these pics, but I do have good timing as I’m hoping their long weekend brunch special is back for this upcoming long weekend…

We had some coffees, I had my chai latte. Still think its Remedy Cafe's recipe, but I keep forgetting to ask.

the FOOD
My boyfriend went with the Belgium waffles. The waffle could have used a bit more time in the waffle maker as it wasn’t as crisp as we would have liked. The interior was cakey and could have used more butter or cream in the batter to liven it up, as it resembled a belgium waffle I could get at the grocery store, and I know they can do much better.

MeanMatchaTea went with the Sugarbowl Benny - Poached eggs with warm back bacon on soft slightly sweet cornbread.

He enjoyed the thyme b├ęchamel sauce which was different than the usual hollandaise. Potatoes were nicely seasoned and crispy on outside, and a soft mooshy on the inside.

I ordered the special, and it was the winner. The Holiday Poutine was “hash brown” potatos topped with a killer amazing bison chili, breakfast sausages, ooey gooey cheddar and mozza cheese…. and then topped with perfectly executed sunny side up eggs. The chili was lean, tomatoey savory with a bit of heat, minimal beans, seasoned well, and neither too runny nor thick. It was a mountain of deliciousness and a farily heavy breakfast, but the boys manned up and happily helped me polish it off. The bison chili is on the dinner menu which is dangerous, cuz I can seriously and happily buy it by the bucket.

Yup, its so good, it deserves to be in caps. Its bigger than a softball, and its soft, fluffy yeast based dough is completely covered in a layer of cinnamon sugar goodness. It could have used a bit more butter, but it was a darn good melt in your mouth cinnamon bun. Mmmmm! We bought extra for home. You know, for quality control :)

Go to place for brekkies and bunchies, wicked bison chili and best place in town for freshly baked cinnamon buns.  Just don't take that last cinnamon bun or you'll incur everyone's wrath!! ;D

Address 10922 88 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G0Z1
Phone (780) 433-8369
Hours Sun-Thurs 8am-midnight, Fri-Sat 8am-1am
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