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Monday 20 May 2013

Sofra Edmonton AB – Tasty Turkish and Mediterranean food with incredible pita and skewers!

I’ve heard about Sofra over the years, and recently, when I had a craving for hummus and Mediterranean food, we hit up Sofra, not once but twice within a week lol!  I’ll write up the first dinner below, and keep your eye out for a post on a big group dinner soon (with nice SLR pics).
 As soon as you step inside, you’re greeted by marmalades, browns, orches and a gigantic earthy Trojan horse.  The dining space is split between two private rooms up a small flight of stairs, and a dining area that wraps around the horse and features an open kitchen in the back.  Service is excellent, with knowledgeable staff – from a vague description alone, our waitress was able to pinpoint a menu item we had years ago made by a Turkish family in Turkey (we’ve been searching for that flavor profile for years!).

This time around we skipped on drinks to save tummy space for more food since it was only two of us.  In the group dinner post (which I will get to writing I promise), we delved into the traditional drink menu!  We were told which items were featured on You Gotta Eat Here! on Food Network by our waitress, but we ended up gravitating towards other items… like the hummus with their fantastic freshly baked pita bread...

The hummus is super garlicy and has a bright hit of lemon.  The pita steals the show as its both crispy light and tender melt in your mouth soft.  Brushed with butter/oil and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, we polished it all off before we remembered we were supposed to save tummy room!

Our next appetizer was a traditional Turkish pizza: Pideler.  We chose the beef and cheese version.  The dough used to make the incredible pita bread is used for the football shaped pizza – giving it a super thin crisp crust.

The pizza is loaded up with some seasoned ground beef, and lots of ooey gooey  cheese. Mmmm!

My boyfriend gave the Adana kebab – a whirl.  It was made with beef and not the beef-lamb mixture that we had from Turkey, and was served with nicely grilled vegetables

These beef kebabs packed a spicy punch, but the seasoning was spot on. Savory, juicy, and herbal notes are tasted before the chilis kick in. Mmm!

I scored with a flavorful Ordek kebab: a grilled duck breast served with a tomato basil sauce that just blew my mind.  The duck breast was scored for easy slicing (and eating), and though it was a little charred from the grill, it was covered in an incredibly aromatic tomato basil sauce and herbs that was outstanding.

I tried to take a sexy picture of it, but I failed.  If the chef slices the duck breast, it would make plating a lot easier and prettier.  Still, delicious. Nom!

All entrees were served with bulgur aromatic with tomatos and spices.  My boyfriend initially didn’t enjoy it, but it slowly grew on him as he had more bites of it.  Bulgur texture is like a cross between rice and quinoa.  A side salad is also served with all entrees, and the organic greens were tossed in a very and refreshing light house raspberry vinaigrette.  We were so explodingly full despite packing up most of the food for lunch the next day, we had no room for dessert.  We remedied that at our next visit.

Overall, a delightful place for Turkish and Mediterranean fare with prices that are on the higher side, but the flavor packed food is totally worth it.  Sultan's table (Sofrasi)… I'll see you next time!!

Address 108 - 10345 106 St NW Edmonton, AB
Phone 780-423-3044
Hours Open for dinner only Tues - Sunday 5pm-close Closed Mondays
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Megabus trips said...

Every item on the menu, at least from what you had here, looks good. The pizza would definitely be a winner. It looks good with all the melted cheese and beef.

I think that the kebabs are appetizing and will be excellent hot. Should be good spicy as well, although I know some people can't handle the spices. The pita bread with hummus would be a first for me but I would enjoy it.

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