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Thursday 30 May 2013

Baking brie – making baked brie with little brie baker!

For my birthday, my boyfriend bought me a cute little brie baker from Wildly Delicious that was touted as “the best” by Williams Sonoma sales associate. The funniest thing was – my brother bought me a large brie baker too! So, now that I not only have one, but two brie bakers on hand, I definitely need to bake me some brie!  And when its a cold, wet, rainy day, what better than to warm up with than a cozy little warm pot of baked brie? Mmm!
Baked brie has to be one of the most easiest and indulgent snacks/appetizers ever. All you need is a good round of brie, a bit of honey of brown sugar and maybe some nuts of fruit… and a porcelain pot or 2 deep oven safe ceramic dishes work well too (what I was using before). I picked up some triple creamed brie (just means its creamier and yummier) and so I proceeded to unpack me brie baker pot thingy! (yes, cuz brie baking is so technical.. not!).  You can get the same award winning brie baker from Amazon Brie Baker Petite Maison , or you can score a much cheaper one that will still do the trick like: Gourmet du Village Brie Baker

Ooh.. this one comes with a little bonus package of what looks like brown sugar, slivered almonds and some spices (reading the label here.. I’m not that good at eyeballing things!)

And a nice little wooden scooper to boot. This will come handy for serving brie for both my little and big brie baker :D

So first step is to plunk unwrapped brie into clean brie baker. *plunk!*

Then using a knife, scrap off the top layer of white rind – I just used a butter knife and it worked fine. Some people prefer not to remove the rind from just the top as it is edible, but it bakes out a little on the rubbery side. Don’t remove from the sides, as the “rubbery” brie rind will form a bowl to hold in the molten cheesey goodness in a bit.

Top with toppings. At this point, you can add in fruits: diced up apples, pears, peaches, berries… whatever your little heart desires or brown sugar. I like topping my brie with honey and nuts after the brie is baked, but since the little red brie baker came with a handy package, I dump the contents of the little baggie on.

Bake in a preheated 350F oven or toaster oven for 15-20min to look like this, with all the cheese melty ooey gooey and just barely held in by the rind "container".

The instructions said I could broil or propane torch the brown sugar to caramelize as an option. I ran out of butane for my little kitchen torch, so I broiled it at 500F for about 2 min… was afraid the nuts would burn – the almonds should have been packaged separately as I never got to really caramelize the sugar before the almonds started to get a little toooo roasty toasty brown

And…. dig in with crostinis, toast, baguette slices, crackers or whatever you have on hand! I dug in with some melba toasts. Mmmmm!

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