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Thursday 9 May 2013

Cookie Love Edmonton, AB - soft freshly baked cookies... need I say more?

I've been meaning to try out Cookie Love for a while - but work and the craziness of life kept sidetracking me until now - and glad I got to step into this little haven scented full of sugary baked cookie goodness.  This franchise is run by Iva and Mike Stone, and its apparent they have the recipe for success as we pondered how many cookies we could possibly eat at one sitting - a few other customers came in to pick up large orders.  On to the cookies!
Then again, with the scent of warm, freshly baked cookies, sugar and chocolate in the air...Iva had just pulled out a batch of Miss Ginger cookies... no brainer if we had a freshly baked warm one! And we took one cool one to try too... Quality control of course :D  Soft, slightly chewy and still warm from the oven, I would have preferred a bit more ginger and nutmeg, but I was definitely looking around for a cup of milk to accompany it!

We took a peek at the gift sets and all the freshly baked cookies available for the day...

and there was a lot of cookies to be had!

Eeeny meenie miney moe...

My boyfriend couldn't resist biting into the Black & White while it was cool from the fridge - a New York style Cheesecake cookie dunked in white and dark chocolate.  

It was a oddly cakey interior - I was expecting creamy hit of well, cream cheesy cheesecake goodness, but found the flavour more subdued... would work for those that like their sweets more subtle and not overly sweet.

We eventually made our lives easy and just asked for one of every variety of cookie :D  While Iva packed up our cookies, we enjoyed a chai latte - the familiar flavor of the Remedy Cafe blend.

So... now all the cookies!! We were told all the cookie names were to be found online.. but I guess not all of them are up yet, so some don't have names matched up with them! :P

Caramel Kiss cookie
This was a dense dark cocoa cookie with dense, medium soft, slightly sweet caramel centre.  I didn't taste any of the pecans that was supposed to be added, but would have loved to have had this cookie warm with a molten soft caramel center.
The Triple Chipper
was one of my favs - dark, milk and white chocolate chips studded a soft slightly chewie cookie. Mmmm!

Butter Shortbread
Excellent shortbread, with tender, melt in your mouth buttery goodness.

Not sure of the name of this one, but this dark cocoa cookie with white chocolate chunks was a winner!

Miss Ginger cookie
The cool version is slightly chewier and less gingery than the warm version.  Still disappeared quick!

Your Chocolate is in My Peanut Butter cookie
A soft almost crumbley peanut butter cookie with a few chocolate chips and a chocolate heart painted on top.  Needed more peanut butter or peanut butter chips - tasted more like your peanut butter is in my chocolate cookie!

This next cookie I couldn't find an official name on their website, but it was one of our favs - a base of soft oatmeal cookie with chunks of dried apricots, nuts? and chocolate. Mmm!

Chocolate Mmmmint cookie
This one was surprisingly more cakey and less densely rich chocolately that what I was expecting, but the hint of mint was nice!

This cookie had no name online either, but had a touch of candied fruit? and dried apricots all frosted with a swizzle of icing.

Red, White and Chocolate cookie
This cookie had a bit too much going on - with dried cranberries, small bits of pecans and topped with drizzles of white and dark chocolate.  The cranberries and pecans kinda got lost in this cookie.

And you're probably wondering if we ate all these cookies...?


Though it took a few days to finish off all of them :P  And as their signage so astutely states:

Cookie Love
Address 12325a - 102 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5N0L9
Phone (780) 499-2849
Hours Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 10am-3pm, Sun closed
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