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Monday 3 June 2013

Spinelli's Bar Italia, Edmonton, AB – panini from little café inside southside Italian Centre Shop

For a quick lunch with my cousin, we dropped into Spinelli's Bar Italia, a little café inside the southside Italian Centre Shop for a quick lunch of panini.  It was crazy busy on the weekend, with shoppers delighting in the huge range of Italian ingredients, deli meats, cakes and desserts on the grocery side, and plenty of people hovering around waiting for a table at the tinny café… and we joined them lol!
It wasn’t even noon yet and most of the panini had sold out -the poor harried staff behind the counter didn’t have time to make more, just take and fill orders.  While we waited in line, we grinned at the biggest Nutella jars we’ve seen yet – these ones perched precariously on a high shelf was each the size of a mini beer keg! And yes, you can buy them… if you can finish off several liters of it!

We ordered several of the same sandwiches since the large majority of them had sold out by the time we got to the till.  The first up was this tasty number – a mildly spicy capicola, prosciutto?, lettuce, cheese, and roasted red peppers on a freshly baked crusty bun.
And here's a nicer shot of my cousin's sandwich since mine wasn't all that pretty, even though it was tasty! 

My fav was my boyfriend's sandwich... prosciutto, roasted bell peppers, pickled artichoke and lettuce on a tasted crusty round bun – lots of tangy sweetness from the peppers and artichoke… just made for a mouthful of yummy!

My chai latte was strangely served in a paper cup, as was my boyfriend’s guava Italian soda.  Maybe they ran out of clean cups, but since we were eating in, real glasses would have been nice.

Don’t expect much for service, and seating is tight, but the sandwiches are yummy and if you feel like making your own at home afterwards, ingredients at the Italian Centre Shop is less than a hop skip and jump away!

Spinelli's Bar Italia
Address 5028 104A Street, Edmonton, AB T6H 6A2
Phone 780-989-4869
Hours 9am-9pm daily
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