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Thursday 6 June 2013

Saratoga Edmonton, AB - quick simple lunches

I had meant to wake up early to try Saratoga’s brekkies. I really did. I slept in, so ended up heading here for lunch instead. We had a nice time the last time we headed here for dinner (click here for dinner review), and I was hankering to try their bennies, so lunch it is!

  Its busy and packed with families, and we soon sat down to a simple hearty and cheap lunch! Most lunch items (like their dinner items) come with a soup or salad or fries. While we browsed the menu and debated if we wanted more brekkie or lunch items, I sipped on a hot chocolate (powdered) with a huge glob of whipped cream crowning it.  We had an honest waitress, when asked if they had freshly squeezed juices, she laughed and told us they all came from a box. Well, at least we know :)

We ended up picking lunch items, and my soup was first to come out – soup of the day happened to be cream of broccoli. Nothing special, but was nice it came with my meal to warm up from the brisk weather.

I had eyed the Saratoga loaf for dinner the last time we were here, and I was really curious as to what it was. Was it a meatloaf, a Greek style moussaka (think vegetable lasagna or French ratatouille), or…? It turned out it was a baked sandwich, with a bunch of deli meats, cheese and tomato topped with a pickle.

Reminiscent of sandwiches you’d put together at home, the sesame bun was soft and toasty warm, with a good amount of melty cheese and assorted deli cold cuts in the centre.

The Reuben made a better showing, with warm sliced corned beef, a bit of melted Swiss cheese and a tinny bit of sauerkraut, with regular mustard on the side.

Could have used a bit more cheese and sauerkraut :p

For the prices, simplicity of diner fare and friendly service, it met our expectations for a diner lunch. Dinner’s still a better deal wallet-wise, but one of there days, I’ll get up early.. .and try out their breakfasts.

Saratoga Restaurant
Address 2610 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 56J
Phone 780-437-0071
Hours Opened daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner
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