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Thursday 27 June 2013

BLT dip recipe.. you heard me right, bacon lettuce and tomato dip!

Bacon, lettuce and tomato.  This tasty combo is usually found in the BLT sandwich... crispy bacon, crisp cool lettuce, and ripe sweet tomatoes.  Well, when I heard folks have made this tasty combo into a dip... I was in love!  Oh yeah, and here's the recipe so you can enjoy it too :D

Now just like you should eat a BLT sandwich right away so the veggies doesn't make the bread and bacon mushy, the same doesn't go for this dip.  TestKitchenL made this for the Baconfest engagment party a little while ago and man is it gooood! She discovered you can accidently over blenderize the dip, making the dip on the runny side, but still tasty as.. well, think BLT dip on anything you like!! We glopped it on tortilla chips and crusty multigrain crostinis. Mmmm!


1) Mix in a blender for 2-3 pulses
-1 cup sour cream
-1/2 cup mayo
-1/2 cup cream cheese

2)  Mix in to taste your hearts desires a handful or two and pulse another 2-3 times:
- shredded cheese
- chopped onion
- diced bell pepper
- garlic or garlic powder
- pepper
- chili flakes
- dash of sugar
3) Once nicely blended, pour into a large container and add in as much diced tomatoes as you like, and crisp diced bacon bits
4) Stir in diced green onions and/or finely chopped iceberg lettuce
5) Refrigerate and let set before serving (about 1-2hours).  BLT dip up everything!!!

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