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Monday 10 June 2013

High Voltage Café Edmonton, AB – Greek fusion style donairs

Rating Service 8/10, Food 7.75/10
I swear, we must have drove past this place millions of times… and nearly drove past it again on the night we decided to give their donairs a try. It looks likes a past from the past on the outside – a classic diner from the 60’s, 70’s? We’ve heard rumors that the owner is like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi.. you better know what you want or no soup… well, no donair for you! We were glad to dispel that myth. Anyhoos, on to the food!
Décor is stripped down plain, with a simple order/assembly counter and a few tables for those wanting to dine in. A sign tells you right off the bat if you don’t know what you’re getting, the next customer that does will be served first. They must be crazy busy around lunch hour, but right close to closing, things are much slower, and the owner was relaxed, friendly and even teased us that – there are many reasons why folks like his donairs, but he’ll make our wraps anyway we want.// there was a fair bit to chose from…

I went with a large X Treme Gyros, advertised as a New York gyros with chicken and jerk. Warm, moist savory seasoned chicken breast pieces were piled on top of mystery donair meat from a package (I peeked behind the counter as he assembled), then topped with your choice of as much or as little vegetables as you like, and he nicely only gave me a small squirt of the spicy hot jerk sauce when we got to the sauces.

The wraps are huge here, as you can barely wrap your hands around them (even after getting flattened by the grill), and starch from wrist to elbow! The wrap is then popped into a Panini-like grill for a little bit, giving High Voltage’s wraps a distinct crispy light exterior. A good smash of salt and pepper is added on top of the wrap and you’re set to dig in! I wasn’t a fan of the deli meats, though really enjoyed the chicken. Next time, I’ll be getting a small chicken wrap!!

My boyfriend went with the large International donair, with the standard rotisserie pressured pressed beef, choice of veges, and choice of sauce.

We were divided over the sweet sauce he had added to his donair – I liked it, but he found it a bit too sweet, and as his donair had an extra shake of salt/pepper on the outside, he found the saltiness detracted from the donair, while I pointed out – donairs are supposed to be high in sodium sweetheart lol! 

We washed it down with some organic juice - there was a good selection of sodas and non-alcoholic drinks in the cooler

Overall, a friendly and neat Greek style donair with the biggest portion sizes I’ve seen in the city. It wasn’t anything similar to donairs and gyro’s I’ve had all over Greece a few years back, nor are they Queen's donairs, but “traditionally”, gyros and donairs have their owners add their own twist to things.

High Voltage Café
Address 10387 63 ave NW, Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 437-3202
Hours Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm, closed Sundays
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