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Thursday 7 February 2013

Jacek Chocolate Sherwood Park, AB Bijoux D'Hiver Collection 2012 Unwrapping

This is the first collection of Jacqueline Jacek's award winning chocolates I've picked up after hearing about her.  I know, its been a while since I've beat back other shoppers (heehee!) and picked up more for Christmas presents, and definitely a while since theses have been but sweet memories.  Hopefully, some of these chocolates will make a reappearance in her future collections.  Why do I say that? Well, like couture gowns from high end fashion houses, her collections are available only for a limited time, and then they're gone, with only occasional appearances of the fan favs to show up in future delectable collections. But enough yapping, here be the yummy "unwrapping"!! :D
Well, with any unboxing, you first start with... the pretty soft blue and milk chocolate colored box of chocolates! Yum yum!! So exciting!!

Tearing through the wrapper and popping off the top of the box reveals two cards telling us what's inside!

After removing the box and papery foam layer... Score!!

These chocolate jewels are almost too pretty to eat... almost :P

Fool's Gold
This one was one of our top favourites out of this collection.

Fine bits of toasted hazelnut and almond praline is found throughout a creamy milk chocolate centre, and then enrobed once more in a silky sexy dark chocolate. Nom!

Pom and Port Topaz
This chocolate I almost expected a thick hard candy coating from the jewelled outside... but it turned out the "jewelled" coating was a ultra thin!

A faint taste of port and pomegranate infused creamy thick dark chocolate ganache is found within the pretty and super smooth dark dark chocolate jewel coating.

Mocha Pearl
This deceivingly simple looking chocolate packs a punch of coffee flavour.

A smooth, medium body coffee ganache is covered with a layer of vanilla bean infused chocolate.  I found the coffee overwhelmed any flavor of vanilla, but was a heavier, satisfying truffle none the less.

Fire Opal
You can almost see our reflection off the chocolate glossy coating!

We almost missed the chili pepper notes in the thin chocolate coating as the caramel in the milk chocolate centre almost overwhelmed it.  If you slowly savor the chocolate, you'll find the heat lingers long after you finish the chocolate.  Cool!

Diamond Dust Caramel

Pretty bits of fleur de sel on top look just like its namesake - girl's best friend!

This very firm caramel is covered in dark chocolate with the salt adding in hit of saltiness as we chewed and chewed and chewed as the smooth sticky caramel slowly melted in our mouths.  If this was an ooey gooey molten caramel, this truffle would have been out of this world!  But the caramel was still a buttery creamy wow!

Toasted Amber
This chocolate was pretty, and we weren't sure what was going to be within!

The exterior was a thin layer of dark chocolate and the inside - a maple ganache with hints of cinnamon... it tasted like breakfast but in a truffle!!

Mmm... looking forward to swinging into Sherwood Park sometime to try Jacek's newest collection: Nostalgia 2013, with flavors inspired by childhood favourites:
PB&J:  Velvety peanut butter ganache with a layer of fresh raspberry jelly wrapped in dark chocolate.
Fondue:  Creamy milk chocolate in a dark chocolate shell.
Old Fashioned Root Beer: White chocolate infused with homemade root beer and vanilla bean.
Funky Monkey: Milk chocolate kissed with banana for a reminiscent treat.
Spiked Caramel Apple:  Apple liqueur ganache topped with chewy caramel.
Shirley Temple: Fresh orange, lemon and lime ganache with a drop of grenadine.

Jacek Chocolate Couture
Address 406 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4G8
Phone (780) 464-5200
Hours Tues-Sat 10am-4pm, Closed Sun and Mon
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