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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Evoolution Edmonton, AB - great place to taste and pick up flavored balsamic vinegars, olive oils and an organic infused truffle oil!

I was looking for a gift for my boyfriend's super foodie cousin.  She loves cooking and probably has all the high end everything you can think of kitchen wise in her kitchen.  So, I started hunting around for ingredients she may not be able to find down in Calgary rather than to pull a deadly kitchen faux pas and get her a cool sounding and utterly useless kitchen gadget - I'm sure we all have plenty of those hiding in our kitchen cupboards!!  Enter in Evoolution.  A small little shop that specializes in bringing in varietal olive oils and flavoured balsamic vinegars from the wee corners of the world.  Bonus - I got to go around tasting everything before buying... and ended up with a good section of the vinegars and oils for my own kitchen too! LOL!
We picked up a cute little gift cedar box that the helpful sales guy told us we can re-use later - as its solid cedar, soak it and then use it to smoke fish after its served its purpose as gift box!

The we proceeded to pack it full of goodies.

We picked up a little dispenser/stopper for the olive oil we picked out, and added in a small jar of aromatic organic infused finishing white truffle oil (no chemicals here!) and passed up a small bottle of black truffle salt for a small jar of bacon salt (Bacon makes everything better!)

The Organic Tuscan Herb infused olive oil (left most bottle), a medium bodied olive oil was an instant favorite - notes of sundried tomatoes, basil, oregano and garlic.  I picked up a bottle so I can toss it into pasta salads later :)  The Traditional 18yr old Balsamic Vinegar (right most bottle)was smooth, mellow and sweet (4% acidity) after spending 18 years in chestnut, oak, mulberry and ash barrels.  The salesman kindly sealed the vinegar and oil jars for transport, while our choices we left the seals off as we were going to use them right away!

And as soon as we tried the Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar (middle bottle), we had to pick up a bottle for ourselves as it was like concentrated raspberry juice with a tang of acidity from the balsamic vinegar.  We couldn't cram it into the gift box, and with so many more yummy choices, well, we'd be buying out nearly everything they stocked lol!  We'll have to space things out and come back to pick up new and tasty vinegars and olive oils (I still had a lot from the awesome Italian Market and have to use it up before I buy more from Evoolution).  Great addition to the food scene, and I'm looking forward to picking up some maple infused balsamic vinegars as some of my girlfriends add it to baked fish and roasted vegetables.. yum!! 
Address 10130 104 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7
Phone (587) 521-3445
Hours M-W 10am-6pm, T-F 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm
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