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Monday 4 April 2011

Il Pasticcio Edmonton - Intimate setting, good italian

Rating: 7.5/10 

Being the sister restaurant to the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised that though the popular menuitems from SPK was present, there was a huge difference in terms of the indifferent/rude service inherent at SPK that was not present at Il Pasticcio. Though the entrance is a little hard to find - in through what looks like a office building, and then walking into what looks like their kitchen, this small intimate and cozy resturant with dim lighting, attentive servers and fresh chef of the day specials overlooking a bit of the river valley and a historic mansion is a nice place for business lunches and quiet dinners or dates.

If you're a pasta lover, you'll be bringing home some lunch as just like SPK, their pasta serving sizes are gargantuan. The kitchen staff are lovely as they will make your food to order depending on what fresh items the chef has picked up from the market that day, and will happily substitute out ingredients upon request. 

As with all good restaurants, their menu items have evolved overtime, though if you want their enormous bowl of mussels prepared in capers, peppercorns, garlic, doused with white wine, and finished with diced tomatoes, lemon and fresh herbs (old menu item) just ask and you won't be disappointed. They currently serve their mussels in either a tomato pureed-parmasean sauce or a heavy cream and gorgonzola sauce - both lovely, but I still prefer my mussels cooked a bit more simple and not masked by the sauces. If you get the mussels, ask for lots of bread, and be prepared to pack your pasta order home.
Insalatas and other dishes are hit and miss. Most salads are prepared and plated beautifully - mainly keep in mind whats in season before you order and ask the waitstaff what they've tried - they're surprisingly honest, and they don't laugh when you mangle the menu item names as you try to pronounce them.

Hands down best tiramisu in Alberta ever. And yes, I'm comparing to all the Italian restaurants in Edmonton, Calgary and small towns in Alberta dating back to the last 15years. Some may find it a bit too creamy as the marscapone cheese is mixed into the whipped cream to make a sublimely rich goop - the best part. Ask nicely in advance and you can order it in a pan and it makes for a truly amazing dessert to bring to parties... just don't step on the bathroom scale afterwards and it'd be guilt free!

Quibble - small insalata selection and portion size of insalatas, heavy reliance on sodium rich heavy sauces instead allowing the herbs, spices, vegetables, seafood or meats speak for themselves, 7.5/10.  A good all around spot when you feel like a good hit of parmesan, tomatoes or tiramisu to the brain.  The location and ambiance lends itself to a quiet place for lunch or an intimate dinner. Go find it, try it, and walk off your dinner by going across the street and have a peek at the river valley. You can jog down a couple walking paths if your'e reaaaally gung-ho. (I was joking about the jogging part).

Il Pasticcio
Address 11520 100 Avenue Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 488-9543

Hours varies, check website
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Ekaterina Slivko said...

Was going to go to SPK tonight, but maybe I'll try this instead...

nomnomnom said...

Let me know what you think! Better, worse? They are sister restaurants.. I prefer Il Pasticcio for the atmosphere and service.

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