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Monday 4 April 2011

Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza Edmonton - Messy cheesy goodness

Rating: 8/10

We had a craving for deep dish pizza last night... specifically Chicago style deep dish pizza because it was featured on the Man vs Food show.  So we were looking for a crispy thin crust with so mounds of cheese (traditionally on the bottom), layers of meat and tomato sauce.. veges optional.  Since we didn't feel like flying all the way to Chicago USA, we had to go to the next best thing... Edmonton's own Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza.

Running as a franchise chain - three or four as of this post, we were a bit un-optimistic, but heck, we were up for trying.  Bypassing the downtown location, we headed out for the hole-in-the-wall Stony Plain Trail location.  We had to circle around for a few minutes looking for it due to the one ways, and it is a really really small location.  Pick up/delivery only, no sit down. Well.. no tables either... You walk in and you're greeted by friendly Asian staff with an ordering counter and a wall of new empty pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling.
the FOOD
Being just two of us, we ordered a medium "Pretty Lady" deep dish pizza with pepperoni, onions, back bacon crumbles, seasoned ground beef, peppers and olives.  20 minutes later, we were almost tipped over when they handed over the ~5lb+ pizza.  I think they were amused at my boyfriend's expression!  Though not traditionally made - cheese was on the top and it was square shaped instead of circular, this gargantuan pizza was enough to feed two for 3-4 meals!

Crust was thin, crunchy and stayed that way almost to the end - became a tiny bit soggy when it cooled off. Crust has magical abilities to be able to hold up all the toppings without flopping nor being too thick and tough.  Skimping on toppings is not on the menu.  Generous amount of toppings had a valiant fight with gravity to stay on the crust.  There was plenty of ooey gooey cheesey-tomato sauce- I-need-a-million-napkins nomnomnom.  Yes, you probably should eat a slice in bowl with a spoon, or fork and knife... but thats no fun.. pizza is hands on food... pick it up with your hands and get it all over your face!!

Quibble - Doesn't make for great cold pizza, definetely much better when its hot.. just try not to let the cheese will burn a hole into your upper palate 8/10.  Though not truly a traditional Chicago deep dish pizza, its a great place to get a massively huge pizza packed with a ridiculously large amount of toppings.  Easy on your wallet as the medium was less than $20 - you get $2 off if you pick up vs delivery. Its totally worth it to burn your mouth biting into a slice because you cant wait till its cooled down enough to chomp into it.  Leftover cold pizza is not as good as when its still warm, but makes a good lunch. So if you have a craving for a deep dish pan pizza... go get a whole pizza...they sell it by the slice, but you can't stop at one piddly slice... go and stuff your face silly at Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza. Nom.

Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza
Address 16203 Stony Plain Rd Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 413-8866
Hours varies, check website
Chicago Deep Dish (West) on Urbanspoon

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