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Monday 4 April 2011

Dadeo's New Orleans Diner and Bar Edmonton - Hit and miss service, but cant beat the Po' Boys

Rating: 7/10
Sweet potato/yam fries with cajun spices for kick

Campy fun decor with the 60-80's vinyl tables, little booths and knicknacks from those eras past greet you when you enter this super narrow establishment. Service ranges from great to customers magically becoming invisible, though I find we return to it again and again for their PoBoys and fried oysters despite the inconsistent service.

Everyone starts with a small complimentary fluffy biscuit with a small cup of radioactive bright green jalapeno jelly, sweet with just a hint of jalapenos.

Complementary biscuits and jalapeno jelly
The Blackened Catfish Po'Boy - for those who haven't had catfish.. its a very very fatty fish, so when you bite into it dont be surprised when your mouthful is flavorful and juicy.

Sometimes whomever is grilling it gets a bit too happy with the blackening bit and the fish gets sadly charred a bit overly much. Still, cut off the char and paired with a tangy happy alcoholic sauce with heat that builds as you eat it on a soft toasted bun.. its worth ordering and hoping its not too blackened when it gets to you. 

The other Po'Boys (chicken, vege, shrimp, pulled pork) are good as well.. there are others (crabcakes, burger, brekkie, sausage, calamari and steak) but they're not as notable. Hopefully they'll bring back the cornmeal dusted soft buns they used in the past instead of the smooshier white plain sub buns they use now.  
The sweet potato fries are inconsistent, sometimes seasoned well, sometimes dry and overly salted, but I'm a sucker for yam fries and get them every time anyways.
Blackened catfish Po'Boy

Fried oysters - crunchy crisp light seasoned batter surrounding a med-large succulent moist oyster cooked just right. Thank you for never having the thick cloying batters that you can chisel off found in most other establishments. Same fried oysters are found in their oyster Po'Boys (did I say yum yet? Yum.)

Other menu items - the jambalaya, sausage, beans, coleslaw, salads are mediocre or unmemorable with single tasting note profiles and/or no complexity.
Fried oyster Po'Boy

Dessert and drinks
One of the few places that still make a mean lemonade from scratch (yum), and they have cherry cola - a nice nostalgic note matching the decor. If you still have room, you can order the bananas flambeed tableside with a heartstopping;y huge chunk of butter and enough sugar added to make the caramel sauce to make willy wonka look sane. Oh, fyi... they use a generous amount of liquor to flambee.. so lean back if you want to keep your eyebrows.

Quibble - inconsistent/non-existent service, occasional overly charred blackened catfish, 7/10. Despite the inconsistent and varying levels of service, you have to go eat their Po' Boys and oysters.. and wash it down with a decent beer or homestyle lemonade. Nom!

Dadeo's New Orleans Diner and Bar
Address 10548 82 Ave NW Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 433-0930
Hours Mon-Sat 11am -1130pm, Sun noon-10pm Closed Wednesdays Website
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