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Thursday 17 January 2013

Oliveto Trattoria Edmonton, AB - Yummy lobster pasta special and Friday special that includes lamb, steak, chicken, pasta and more!

Rating Service 9/10, Food 9/10
It was cold out, and noone flet like cooking. And it was a Friday night. Perfect for calling out friends for a tasty meal and catching up.  We didn't feel like greasy nor chain restaurant, not Asian (not always mutually exclusive) as we had eaten out at Korean and Chinese restaurants recently.  Vietnamese was out, since we still haven't found anywhere decent in the deep south south-west/east/central side of Edmonton.  Ohhh, KimChee hasn't tried out Oliveto's in Terwillegar yet. Done!  It was packed and we luckily got a reservation rounding out the full house when we entered the restaurant redolent in the scent of garlic, butter, cheese and wine... Hello!
After we were promptly seated, and drink/wine orders in, KimChee went with Oliveto's Friday special - a platter of almost all the meats they serve along with a side of starch (choose a pasta, soup etc), my boyfriend went with the an Angel hair pasta with seafood in chicken broth, while KimChee's hubby and I went with the special of the night - a pasta served with lobster and shrimp, topped with a lobster-butter reduction.

Wanting to save space for our entrees (and hopefully dessert), we all shared a platter of Mussels with chilis, garlic, herbs, white wine. A good sized appetizer to share, the mussels were perfectly cooked and just swimming in a pool of white wine, lots of garlic, butter, and some basil.  The complimentary warm bread was used to mop up the yumminess.  We all wanted more, but we had to save room!

All the entrees came out at the same time (yah!), so folks just had to wait until I quickly snapped pics before they dug in.  The Oliveto Friday Platter (not sure what its really called, but its served up every Friday) - had a small Italian seasoning rubbed sirloin steak cooked to your liking (crisp buttery herbed shrimp blocks it in pic), tender melt in your mouth chicken breast (hidden under the prosciutto wrapped asparagus), and a serving of tender and well seasoned seared baby lamb chops. 

KimChee also had a side of pasta with tomato sauce, and a roasted tomato - can't forget the veges!

My boyfriend's Angel Hair pasta with shrimp, mushrooms, plum tomatos and chicken broth was executed flawlessly (and not quite as salty as we had it the last time we were here yah!)...

with the savory chicken broth adding in just the right touch of homey-comfort food, and tomatos cutting the richness of the dish nicely.

KimChee's hubby and I both enjoyed our entrees.  Its hard not to enjoy a small but nicely steamed lobster tail (not overcooked nor dry!), on top of pasta that's decorated with a few seared buttery prawns, thinly sliced blanched asparagus...

and drenched in a heavenly sauce that tasted of lobster tomalley, butter and lots of white wine reduced down into something sublime. Mmmmmmm!

After nearly finishing most of our meals, and sampling everyone else's entree heehee! A few of us packed up the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and decided sharing a dessert would be best if we wanted to roll ourselves out the door.  We tried out the tiramisu, which had a good balance of whipped mascarpone cheese goo to whipped cream and espresso soaked lady fingers and chocolate.  The ladyfingers could have used a bit more time in the espresso dunk to absorb more coffee and get them nice and softened as the ladyfingers had only traces of coffee and were actually a bit crisp.  Still, a nice way to finish off the nicely paced meal.

Head here for a warm, friendly night of Italian fare where they'll make you feel like you're family... and roll out the door stuffed!

Oliveto Trattoria
500 Riverbend Square, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6R 2E3
Phone (780) 435-6411
Hours Mon-Fri 11:30am-9pm, Sat 5pm-9pm, Sun closed

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