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Saturday 19 January 2013

Japanese Sweets Cafe Myowa 和茗甘味處 [Taipei, TW] -- Japanese Style Dessert - green tea cakes, ice-cream, cream puffs and matcha!

This is my first entry and when it comes to the 'first time,' things never seem to go the way you planned. As I ever so slowly try and contribute more to this blog, I should theoretically get better. You don't always think about getting pictures of the outside of the place, inside for the the atmosphere or the menu. I'll work on keeping those things in mind the future and the next time I update this entry.

Now on to our main event...

For those of you with a sweet tooth and an abnormal addiction to 'Matcha' (eh... the Green Tea, not me), Myowa Cafe will surely hit the spot. This combo included a 'thousand layer cake,' ice cream, a puff and I added a hot beverage to wash everything down.

I have been here twice and based on my recollection, these desserts are very 'Asian.' For individuals not familiar with Asian style desserts, they are rarely 'too sweet' and accentuate the natural flavour of the ingredient. It's like the secret ingredient of an Iron Chef that needs to be the most prevalent in their dish. For example, when I order a skinny half sweet Green Tea latte from Star Bucks, it is still too sweet.

You don't taste the sugar at Myowa Cafe. All my orders had a subtle Green Tea flavour. The ice cream is melt in your mouth (you were expecting something else from ice cream?) delicious. The thousand layer cake had crisp layers separated by moist mousse like filling (I recall it was that way). I found the cream puff so-so. It was a little dry to my liking and filled with Green Tea whip cream. Maybe I'm just not fond of cream puffs?

The Green Tea latte hit the spot. It arrived at a not too hot and not too lukewarm temperature. Looking back at the picture, I am realising that there is no aesthetic design on the foam. Most places will draw a leaf on top. I did arrive on a Thursday night half an hour before closing and all their tables on the main floor were full, so I can't fault them for not making a design. Having a circular white foam object on top does accentuate the Green Tea powder on top though. I don't think you would see the Green Tea Powder as clearly if it were a thin leaf design.

I have no clue what this is called. My friend said it was a Japanese dessert you can typically only find in Japan. To my friend's surprise, this was on the menu here and we ordered the dish. In my friends words, "It tastes very authentic." This dish contains two different styles of mochi with red beans, peanut powder and a syrup like sauce.

That's all I can say for now without any more pictures and relying on my memory. The pictures below are from my first trip here back in January/February of 2012 during Chinese New Years.

I strongly recommend Myowa Cafe.
+ Casual atmosphere
+ Light desserts after a big meal
+ Friendly staff
+ Variety of flavours (they have more than Green Tea!)

Japanese Sweets Cafe Myowa 和茗甘味處
Address: 台北市大安區金華街221號1樓 (No. 221, Jīnhuá St.)
Phone: 02-2351-8802
Hours: Monday - Thursday 12:00-21:00 / Friday - Sunday 12:00-22:00


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