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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Jacek Chocolate Couture Sherwood Park, A - amazing fashion and designer inspired chocolates by world's first "Cocoanista"

The chocolates have been long gone (the first and second box heehee!) so I really should motor my butt and get this review written :P  Right in our backyard in a little tucked away piece of heaven in Sherwood Park is where you'll find the chocolatier, or "Cocoanista" Jacquline Jacek of Jacek chocolates.  Working initially out of a basement and selling them at local shops and Farmer's markets, she recently expanded her chocolate shop to a quaint little store front.  Its apparent she's hard working and has a passion for chocolate.  I could barely nail her down to the floor for a quick picture as she's super nice, friendly and has so much energy, she must have pure chocolate running through her veins!
She's been named one of the top 10 chocolatiers in North America for not only her decadently goooood chocolates, but also for her refreshing take on revamping the chocolate industry. She doesn't stick to making the same chocolates day in and day out.  Just like a fashion boutique, her chocolates are based on an inspiration, a theme, and after its "premiere" and "season" is over, you'll not get to taste it again.  It'll keep customers coming back for more, and will keep things fresh in Edmonton's fickle food scene.
Some of the chocolates from the Bijoux D'Hiver 2012 collection
Not really meant for wearing, but pretty none the less!
The boys weren't forgotten!
Jacek encourages everyone to learn more about chocolate with tasting classes, and free samples of random chocolate products on the counters in her store.
One for me....
Two for me...
Yummm.  Free chocolate tasting... sweet!
Three for me! :D Though this one was really intense tasting!
They had largely sold out of the unique blown glass-like hollow chocolate ornament balls you could put on your tree (if they last long enough to stay out of your tummy)

And they had sold out of their hot chocolate powder (think finely shaved bits of chocolate), which I came back a week later to pick up when they had created more stock, but they were doing brisk business with their lovely gift baskets
Just a heads up - its a good idea to pre-order these chocolate lovelies, as they sell out fast.  My first batch of the Bijoux D'Hiver 2012 collection I was able to pre-order, the second batch I ended up hunting them down for Christmas presents from Credo as she was so swamped with orders she had to stop taking pre-orders over the holidays.  Now that holidays are over, they should have some more breathing space.

So have a chocolate (or 3 or 6...) at this local chocolate and soft teal-blue accented chocolate shop.  These Bijoux D'Hiver babies won't be here forever.  The new line of citrus? inspired Spring collection chocolates are out on January 19, 2013... a bit early for spring lol!  And here's the lovely Cocoanista herself - looking elegant even though she just took off her hairnet (and good humored enough to pose for pic)!

And yes, I'll post up some gorgeous pics of the Bijoux D'Hiver 2012 chocolate collection as soon as I find my memory card with the sinfully luscious chocolates on them!

So... what are you waiting for?
Jacek Chocolate Couture
Address 406 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4G8
Phone (780) 464-5200
Hours Tues-Sat 10am-4pm, Closed Sun and Mon
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