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Thursday 23 February 2012

Dream Tea House Edmonton, AB - Tasty bubble teas and shaved ice

To help stay hydrated during a recent shopping trip at West Edmonton Mall, we stopped off at Dream Tea House just outside of TandT supermarket for a bubbletea. Owned and operated by the same people that runs the Dream Tea House in the campus area (which we probably frequented too many times during our university years), this smaller location lacks the comfy couches and board games, and is more of a pick up/take out place than it is a study/procrastinate/meet up with your friends type of space.  For those that like shaved ice, there are 2 small little tables you can use to precariously balance your shaved ice topped with a variety of fruit syrups or condensed milk.

Unlike the campus location which also served snacky hot food - the odd chicken wing or ramen, as the space doesn't really allow for it, it only serves a variety of hot and cold bubble teas +/- sago balls (decent source of fibre), +/- various fruit pieces and/or fruit jello. Their fresh fruit bubble teas tend to be a bit sweeter than say The Dessert House, mainly as they have a heavier hand on the simple syrup to fruit ratio. Seeking something refreshing, yet with a calcium kick, I opt for one of my favs - barley germ. Its a flavor most people haven't heard of (much less tried) from the ubiquitous fruit and tea combinations you can choose from. Oh, make sure you ask for fresh fruit whenever possible... if its not specified, you'll get a drink made with fruit powders (ick!).  The barley germ bubble tea was malty, slightly sweet, and with a flavor profile of well, milky malty cornflakes. LOL... I know, it doesn't sound lovely, but it is tasty!  Its creamy from lots of homo milk they use (calcium baby yeah!), and the chewy-soft sago balls at the bottom add a nice textural element to it (as well as some fibre).  They should make a smaller serving size though, but for now, I'm just content to share it with my bf, and laugh at lots of little ones walking around hugging a disproportionally huge cup of bubble tea as we head off to shop.

Dream Tea House
8882 170 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB (beside TnT inside WEM)
Phone (780) 483-8860
Hours M-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm
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Jonathan Ngo said...

I don't know if this runs in the family but I have been ordering barley germ (wheat germ) bubble tea for the past few years too haha

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