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Monday 20 February 2012

El's Japanese Fusion, Calgary AB - best sashimi topped sushi rolls in Calgary!

Rating Food 7.5/10
For a recent family potluck, I swung by El's Japanese Fusion for a large order of all my favorite rolls I've tried over time. Everyone gets to try (and I get to indulge!). Service was quick inside this Korean family run joint with their own delicious take on the humble maki roll. With a small sashimi selection and over 50 rolls to choose from, its clear the star is the rolls. Having tried the (medicore) salmon sashimi in the past, I'm here for the rolls!

Ordered 9 different rolls to get a good selection for the party. They were all placed on a large party platter of sushi happiness...I may have forgotten which is which! LOL!
Crunch Dynamite roll $14.95
Breaded deep fried crisp prawn tempura, sweet-salty fresh tobiko, sweet-mushy squash tempura, crabmeat, ripe creamy avocado, and crisp cucumber drowned in tangy spicy house sauce
Superstar Maki $18.95
Crisp breaded deep fried spider roll with succulent deep fried softshell crab and topped with a super yummy amount of spicy chop scallops all drizzled with spicy house sauce YOM!

From L to R (and top to bottom) , crunch dyanmite, BC,superstar, yuke, tekka, spider, blue dragon, crispy, crunch dynamite (again), and lobster maki

Blue Dragon maki $12.95 Tender grilled fresh water eel, creamy ripe avocado, and crisp cucumber slices rolled up in rice and drizzled with house sauce
Yuke Maki $12.95
Thin strips of tender sirloin beef sashimi (yumyumyum!) tops the crab meat stuffed roll thats drizzled with house sauce
Tekka maki $4.95
Generous amounts of tuna sashimi rolled with seasoned rice that just a bit short on the rice vinegar and seaweed, but still tasty none the less
BC Maki $5.95
Crisp BBQ'ed salmon skin, crab meat, salty sweet tobiko and assorted vegetables rolled up in seasoned sushi rice and drizzled with house sauce

L to R front crunch dyanmite, BC, superstar,  blue dragon, crispy maki

Spider maki $16.95
Soft shell crab, crab meat, avocado, tobiko and cucumber with house sauce
Crunch Dynamite maki $14.95
Breaded deep fried prawn tempura, tobiko, squash tempura,crab, avocado, and cucumber with house sauce.
Crispy maki $12.95

Deep fried Prawn tempura, crab meat, avocado, tobiko and cucumber with house sauce
Up close with the blue dragon and crunch dynamite maki

And last but not least, the
Lobster roll $24.95

Large chunks of crab meat, crunchy crisp prawn tempura, sweet-mushy squash tempura, with tender assorted vegetables and a 7oz over cooked lobster tail on top, drizzled with mild tangy house sauce.
The lobster roll covered with tobiko, and house sauce at the far right

Should have plated out the maki rolls so they look nicer.  My favorites are still the Yuke, Superstar and Dynamite rolls.  I ordered mainly off the special selections menu, though if you order the rolls from the regular menu, you could get a lot more rolls with less damage to your wallet!  Still one of the most affordable and tastiest roll place in Calgary.  The various maki rolls were happily devoured, the happy drinks were drunk and there was lots of food, laughter and fun!

El's Japanese Fusion
Address 2008 33 Ave SW Calgary, AB
Phone (403) 217-6796

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