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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Wok N Roll Edmonton, AB - Tasty and inexpensive for family dinner

Rating Food 8.5/10, Service 9/10
With family in town (and noone feeling like cooking for a large group day after day), we headed to Wok N Roll for cheap but tasty eats.  We were glad that we made reservations as we had a large table, and as usual, the place was bustling with tables filling up as soon as they're vacated.  Service is polite and the kitchen proves to be again nearly super humanly efficient, as our food starts to come out of the kitchen within a few minutes of ordering

the FOOD
Seafood egg drop soup
Thick with eggs, small pieces of salty kelp, diced carrots and the loaded with small succulent scallops and little morsels of tender meatballs, this chowder is savory and stick to your ribs... mmm! Its thickened with water chestnut starch, so rather than the typical "white" chowder we're used to, you get a slightly opaque *slurp*

Fresh ginger crab
One of the crabs lazing happily in the squeaky clean tanks adjacent to the kitchen got cleaned, and tossed hot oil and a ridiculous amount of fresh ginger root and green onions unitl it was a fragrant nomnomnom.  The sweet crab meat was scented with a zingy bite of ginger and onions... mmmm!  And if you're looking for a challenge for your chopstick skills... try eating crab with only your chopsticks and not resorting to your hands :)

Steamed fresh tilapia
Steamed until the fish is a silky translucent moist, its inherent sweetness of fresh fish is enhanced by the bed of sweetened soy sauce.  Its topped with slivered gingerroot and green onions and ginger infused oil... yummy! This fish disappeared into our tummies in record time... It was finished before the lazy susan made a complete turn around the table lol!

Beef with yu choy
A simple dish of tender pieces of beef, mushrooms and yu choy nicely executed with a light garlicy glaze and a few pieces of carrots for a punch of color.  Super simple and tasty, with the mushrooms browned beautifully. Mmmm.

Deep fried chicken
Deep fried to a deep golden brown, the chicken a silky tender moist inside surrounded by delightfully crackly crisp skin. There's a few pieces of freshly fried airy crisp prawn chips ringing the chicken for the kids (and those young at heart), as well as a side of peppercorn salt for dipping, for those that want a bit more flavor.

Seafood medley in a birds nest
A nice assortment of seafood - shrimp, scallops and calamari cross cut into a lovely lattice pattern, are sauteed with assorted veges - carrots, onions, celery and sweet red peppers.  The whole thing is served in a freshly fried nest of crisp potato straws forming an edible (and well drained of grease) nest.

Sweet and sour pork
Tender pieces of meaty bone in ribs are lightly battered and then tossed in a sweet and sour sauce.  This isn't your run of the mill glow in the dark, sticky sweet and cloying bottled sweet and sour sauce.  Made with a touch of red wine vinegar to give it a touch of acidity and depth of flavor, along with some caramelised onions, this dish is a keeper. Nom!

Black sesame dessert
Last but not least, was a freshly ground to a velvety smoothness... black sesame dessert. Made with toasted sesame seeds, ground to a paste and sweetened, this dessert is rich, not overly sweetened and a nice way to end the meal. (And a good way to have more and darker hair, if Chinese old wives tales holds true!)

Overall, Wok N Roll remains a great place for Chinese food for a ridiculously great deal.  Its tasty, fast and very nice on your wallet.. just don't giggle too much when you read its name.

Wok N Roll Restaurant
12730 82 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB
Phone 780-478-9797
Hours noon-11pm daily
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