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Monday 15 September 2014

Noodle Feast: A Taste of Northern China Edmonton, AB - handmade traditional Northern China noodles!

We've driven by this little unassuming joint in the Heritage area quite a few times and on a rainy cool day we headed in to try it as we were homing in on hot comforting carbs... and with the ridiculously huge portion sizes here, if you don't leave in a carb food coma, you are seriously full of win lol!  Anyhoos, Noodle Feast focuses on making  handmade traditional Northern China.  Like Italians, the type, style of noodle and what you eat with noodles varies as you go across different regions of China.  Noodle Feast highlights several Northern China varieties, so lets eat!

The decor isn't much to write home about, but we're here for the food!  I was planning to hit this place up again and try more items before posting, but the summer was so busy, I'm just going to add more pictures and comments later when we do have a chance to head back.  We wanted to try more items, but with just the two of us, combined with huge huge huge portion sizes, we ordered enough for a family and didn't make a dint into the menu... which has lots of neat traditional items to try.. fried, rolling, sliced, hand pulled, steamed and cold noodles just to name a few...

We ended up going with a Hand pulled noodles served with minced meat sauce which came out in a bowl upended could have been a great helmet for two! Thick soft and tender rice noodles sheets are simply garnished with some blanched Shanghai bok choy and a good heaping giant scoop of a hearty minced pork? sauce with earthy notes.  

It was enjoyable though I was pretty stuffed after barely eating a quarter of the bowl... chopsticks laid flat don't even span the circumference of the bowl lol! Mind you, there were some stick thin Chinese gals sitting at a table next to us and they were able to polish off an entire bowl of the same noodles without breaking a sweat!! I envied their incredible tummy capacity lol!

We also tried a diced pancake... now before you can yell "that's not NOODLES!" - they are.. sorta. A specific type of noodle dough is sliced into a "pancake", then diced up and tossed into a soup or stew to lend it a completely different mouth feel... in this case, the "noodle" in the Diced pancake in lamb stew took on qualities of mini dumplings that absorb up the flavorful broth. Over time if you took too long to eat it, it really soaked up the broth, puffing up, making it look like you never touched the bowl at all lol!

The lamb stew came with lots of pieces of tender if gamey lamb pieces so if you like stronger flavors, you'd love this dish.

We finished off with a Chinese pork burger  - a traditional street food my boyfriend enjoyed a few years back when he did a study abroad and travel to boot overseas.  While there's several variations, its essentially a slowcooked pork belly that's hand minced and tucked into a toasted bun.  

I was hoping this variation would have some crispy pork skin - it didn't, and it was minimally seasoned but it was still a very very rich "burger" with the  hot pork belly fat oozing out with every bite. And if you were wondering about the size? the bun was the size of a softball.

While service is on the very slow side, it's also unpretentious, traditional, simple, tasty, easy on the wallet and has portion sizes that would make anyone have a food coma after eating here if you try to finish everything without packing food home.  So if you're in the mood for some comforting traditional Northern China fare or hand made noodles and don't mind waiting a bit... well, this is where I'll be!

Noodle Feast
Address 3440 99 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB T6E5X5
Phone (780) 439-8088
Hours Open for lunch and dinner Wed-Sun, Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

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