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Monday 1 September 2014

Fifendekel Pie Shop Cafe Edmonton, AB - tasty sandwiches and fresh baked pies

On a Saturday morning, we were in the south part of the city running errands, so we dropped by into the sunlight drenched Fifendekel Pie Shop Cafe for lunch and pies.. and they should know their pies.. they've been baking them since 1983!  They have huge glass windows that let in plenty of light so its bright and cheerful inside the cafeteria style eatery... onto the foooood! (and pie!)

the FOOD
My boyfriend zero'ed in on the egg salad sandwich on sunflower bread (there's rye and white too), and topped his with onion, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and pickles on the side.

The sunflower bread was tender and had a nice nuttiness to it from the sunflower seeds, and there was a generous portion of chopped egg salad inside.. simple and yummy.

I was super tempted to try an Auto Bahn, "a turkey, roast beef, and ham road trip", but I veered towards a Roast Beef -Alberta's best, oven roasted sandwich instead.  I went with the fresh baked in store sunflower bread, and almost all the fixings - lettuce, cheese, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, tomatos, mayo, butter and mustard... left out the pickles, onions and pickled hot peppers

... and they do not skimp on the fixings! While the roast beef was a bit on the dry side, the fixings and sauce made up for it for a bite of simple nomnomnom.

I had an order of their soup of the day which happened to be Clam Chowder.  It was bit bit on the thin side to call it a chowder, but it was loaded up with lots of fluffy potato chunks, onions, carrots, clams and a seafoody broth. (Forgot to take a picture before I dug in sorry!)

the PIES
We couldn't leave without trying out some pie!  I went with their blueberry pie.  The crust was a bit on the soggy side as it was jam packed with tinny tiny wild? blueberries and lots and lots of blueberry sweetened goo.  I would have preferred more fruit than goo, but to each their own.

My boyfriend went with the strawberry pie which happened to be the pie of the day.  The pie crust was incredibly light and flaky without being overly greasy or sweet, and you could see the awesome amount of fresh strawberries fighting for space in this tasty pie!  I had to fight to get a taste of it lol!

A great little homey place to have a down to earth tasty sandwich on freshly baked bread, hearty soups and tasty pies.. there's so many more pies to try!!

Fifendekel Pie Shop Cafe 
Address South location: 9114 - 51 avenue NW Edmonton, AB T6E 5L8.  For all 4 locations info click here
Phone (780) 465-4444
Hours Mon-Fri 7am - 4:30pm, Sat 10am - 3:30pm, closed Sundays For all 4 location hours, click here
Fife n' Dekel on Urbanspoon

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