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Friday 20 January 2012

The Blue Shrimp, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Awesome Portugese and tequila shrimp!

After a tiring day of swimming, wave whomping and generally lazing on the beach, what better way to cool off then to have some cocktails and shrimp!!! There was a live band when we arrived at the Blue Shrimp, nestled in the heart of Puerto Vallarta with beach side access and a nice airy palapa roof.  We found the staff extremely friendly and helpful with suggestions for both drinks and picking out items from their menu, with the star of the show being their namesake: shrimp shrimp SHRIMP! With the awesome warm weather, we immediately zeroed in on the drinks menu...

With suggestions from the staff, we ordered beers the locals were enjoying...

and a mango and strawberry margarita. Tequila must be free because when the bartender brought over the margaritas, he just free poured tequila on top of whatever was already floating inside to his hearts content....these guys are definitely very generous with the alcohol, making for wicked strong drinks... Bottoms up!!
Bohemia beer (pale sweet pilsner like), Indio beer (dark malts and dry), mango and strawberry margarita

Portuguese shrimp - Chef's Creation
According to the menu, this was a bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheese. Something was lost in translation, but what came out was pure awesomeness. With "Chef's Creations", you choose the size of your shrimp, (regular or jumbo), then you choose the weight (1/4, 1/2, or a full kilogram) For reference, 1/4 kilo= 6 jumbo shrimp.  Should have ordered a full kilo of these.  The 6 jumbo shrimp are wrapped with bacon, and deep fried to perfection (no tough old shrimp here!). They are skewered with toothpicks on the side and thru the shrimp - so it looked like a shrimp billy/night stick to aid in eating them without burning your fingers. As a nice touch, there was an open fire pot on the side so you can roasty toasty it a little more before you eat. The cheese dipping sauce inside a ripe papaya bowl  (not inside the shrimp) was incredibly indulgently rich and paired well with the bacon wrapped shrimp. We could not get enough! The papaya is a garnish, but who can pass on a papaya that is begging to be eaten! We ate the perfectly ripened papaya as well... so delicious!!! All Chef's creations come with a side of rice and veggies. the rice tasted like it was cooked in broth, as it had hits of saltiness. Some of the rice was undercooked, so you had an interesting mouthfeel - it seemed to be this way at all the places we ate at in Mexico. Mmmm.

Bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp and cheese. Bacon+shrimp+cheese = I need another order.. or 5!

Tequila shrimp
The description in the menu was a little deceiving, as we were expecting flambeed shrimp with tequila. Instead to our surprise it comes out with sliced peppers and onions and a very rich creamy cheesy seafood flavoured sauce. The sauce was soooo good!! We mixed our sides of rice from other dishes into it to soak up the rest of the tequila creamy goodness. It tasted even better with rice!

Head here for some wicked huge succulent shrimp cooked anyway you like... make sure you get the full kilo!  And if you're planning to drink, be prepared for a lota boooooze!

The Blue Shrimp
Olas Altas 366 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Phone +52 322 223 1840‎ or 322 222 4246
Hours Open daily for lunch and dinner


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