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Monday 30 January 2012

Kintaro Ramen, Vancouver - Awesome ramen with thick rich Tonkotsu broth!!!

Rating Food 9.5/10 Service 7/10
Steaming hot bowl of rich, savory broth and soft handmade noodles on a cold winter day... what can be a better combination? Judging from the huge lineup at Kintaro's, I'm not the only one with that idea. Large vats of soup are simmered all day long in the tiny and remarkable kitchen in the back, and I can smell the yumminess from outside the restuarant. Don't underestimate this as a super simple noodle, because its a kickass delicious ramen, and the long lineups in the cold are definetely a testimate to its tastiness and appeal.

Customers can choose from 3 types of broth: miso, shoyu or shio, as well as having light, medium or rich for the broth. I went straight for the rich Tonkotsu broth, which had been simmering the pork bone stock so long, the broth was super particulate rich and looked more like butter!  To balance out the rich broth, I went with the lean char siu pork instead of the fatty option.  My ramen was made with precision as the chef carefully assembled each order with fresh ramen noodles, veggies, and gently bathed my bowl full of rich golden broth.  He looked so pro, with each action so well articulated, it was like watching a ritual!

The ramen noodles were delightfully springy-tender, absorbing the salty and buttery rich broth like a sponge. The char siu was well flavored with hoisin and a sweet glaze, while the corn and bean sprouts added in a nice textural and sweet note to the amazingly thick and rich Tonkotsu broth.

One of the best places in Vancouver to go for a hot bowl of satisfying ramen.  Its tough for groups greater than four to eat here unless you split up at different tables.  You order, eat and are ushered out the door, as the place is pretty efficient.  Bundle up as the lineups can get quite long!

Kintaro Ramen
788 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L5
Phone (604) 682-7568 ‎
Hours Open for lunch and dinner Tues-Sun, Closed Mondays
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KimHo said...

Ah, Kintaro, the "grand father" of ramen shops in Vancouver. It has been there for a LONG time but, alas, they don't seem to be able to keep up, specially since I haven't been able to re-experience that first slurping of their. Now, not sure if their noodles/broth have changed (recall notes in the past saying exactly that) or the fact newer ones have popped out (Benkei, Sanpachi and Santouka). I guess, in the end, it is the fact the options are there compared to Edmonton where you have what, grand total of two places (Nomiya and Meguro)?

Having said that, the combination you ordered might not have been the best one: ordering "lean" pork is a sin!!! I personally go for the medium broth and fatty pork. The fatty broth might be too fatty for some (to the point of some "fatty" bits floating).

MilkTea said...

Their gyoza is also great too, another must try. By the way, Kintaro has cold noodle special during the summer months, and every Saturdays they have their fiery hot/spicy ramen available. I think I still like the miso broth the best, but the cheese version is also worth trying. MilkTea.

TastingTraveller said...

Haha...fatty pork is far too decadent, but I imagine it's really tasty. My poor poor arteries!!

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