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Friday 27 January 2012

Block 1912 Cafe Edmonton, AB - gather round for a taste of memories, gelato, lattes and hot chocolate

Creamy hot chocolate
After a super yummy meal at El Rancho, some of us had a craving for gelato, and since it was late, Chocolate Exquisite was closed, we weren't sure if De Capo was open, so we headed to one of our favourite haunts... Block 1912! With scarred and scuffed mis-matched tables and chairs (many which we recognized from countless hours procrastinating, umm.. studying during exam time), the jumble of eclectic decor and knicknacks along with a few comfy sofas and the scent of caffeine and sugar in the air is part of the charm. Families, seniors and students line up to pick up a coffee or peer into the display cases of indulgent desserts and gelato. A senior lady beside me was delighted that she was able to have an icecream float - something she hasn't indulged in years.  Well, gelato float if you want to get technical about it, but she clapped her hands in glee like a little kid when she was told she could have any flavor of gelato in her "icecream" float :)

Since most of use were pretty chilled after finding parking a few blocks away, we passed up on their made daily silky gelato - only one lonely picked-over counterful instead of their usual two counters of gelato selection (its winter) and went with hot drinks instead. All drinks are served in very well used mismatched mugs.The Chai Latte was made well with just a wisp of foam at the top. Warm with notes of cinnamon, cardamon and a touch of star anise, it was creamy with all the steamed milk they used to steep the teabag of chai in. I was surprised they didn't have thier own chai mix. Ah wells... *slurp!*

The latte was pronounced "its good!" by fellow foodie LL, and I've rarely seen her without a cuppa decent joe, so that would translate into very passable latte! I could smell the scent of the rich freshly ground coffee beans from where I was sitting, and it was topped with a nice layer of foam.

The hot chocolate was an easy favorite as its made with steamed milk, giving it a richer creamier base than ones typically made with plain hot water.  Though our friend chose to not top it with whipped cream, the steamed milk gave it a bit of a foam cover and the staff loaded it up with chocolate shavings on top.  Makes me wonder if they have marshmallows for the kids... mmmm!

So we just sat back and enjoyed our hot drinks with wonderful company, caught up on gossip, as other guests buried their noses into their textbooks, showed their kids which flavors of gelato they liked the best, or just sank into the comfy (and much coveted) sofas and caught up with friends and family. Cheers! *slurp!*

Block 1912 Cafe
10361 82 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9
Phone (780) 433-6575
Hours Mon-Sat 9am-midnight, Sun 10am-midnight
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Anonymous said...

Next time you are there open any of the table drawers and look inside =) said...

Will do :) I keep on forgetting to lol!

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