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Monday 6 July 2015

One day to see Schloss Hohenschwangau, Marienbrücke, Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Fussen, Germany and local eats! Part 2

After a full day of sight seeing, hiking and tours of the Schloss Hohenschwangau, Marienbrücke and Neuschwanstein Castle in the last post, we made our way back to Fussen, and we had dinner at Hotel Dreimäderlhaus Weissensee Füssen.  Apparently they have great views, but it was dark by the time we found them, and the next morning was a nice wall of fog, but at least we got to eat a hearty meal where all the locals eat in town!
We unpacked some of our stuff, showered and flopped on the bed for a bit as dinner reservations weren't until 8pm.  We tucked into some local beer to start - misplaced the picture so no pic, and then some soup to warm up as the night got pretty chilly this close to the mountains.  The liver soup with dumplings was a lightly liver flavored consommé with fluffy pillow like dumplings floating atop... great way to warm up!

Fiancé went with the porkchops in hunter's mushroom gravy, spätzle and veges.  There was plenty of rich mushroom gravy for the thick moist porkchop but the spätzle was the star of this dish - we fought for the last bite of savory gravy soaked spätzle.

I went with the hometyle roasted pork with potato dumpling - the slab of roasted pork was generous and there was just enough gravy for the softball sized potato dumpling it came with.

Although we were told at this restaurant that the kaiserschmarrn (traditional Bavarian dessert which is a cut up caramelised pancake with raisins and applesauce) is an entrée size and not a dessert, we didn't want to pass up trying it. Our friendly waitress was squelching a grin when she saw our astonished faces when she placed a huge platter of buttery apple studded pancakes topped with raisins, nuts and took up a quarter of our table space.

The kaiserschmarrn was served with a big bowl of unsweetened applesauce... we only managed to finish about half of the kaiserschmarrn before we had to tap out... I think we did good as our waitress had a satisfied grin on her face as she cleared out table... as we tried to waddle out the door.

The next day dawned with a wall of fog so we started our drive to Austria via the Alps instead of attempting to reach Eagle's Nest - the hotel staff were very firm that in crappy weather, noone should attempt to drive to Eagle's Nest - one because of the visability and secondly, if you make it there, you'll miss out on the views which will be obscured.  So onwards thru the Alps and to Austria (where the skies luckily were mainly clear!!)

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