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Monday 11 May 2015

Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre for Chinese dim sum, Richmond Hill, Ontario - yum!

Nope, I wasn't scoping this place out for the wedding. Previously this opulently decked out space was used for weddings and graduations, but under new ownership is a tightly run ship of dim sum deliciousness! (they still do weddings but I"m here for hte dim sum!)  Its a little strange to sit under a nice open ceiling, with ornate gold finishes, murals of French duchesses and dukes while you're having dim sum as it feels like you're having dim sum in a fancy hall in Versaille - its not a bad thing!
Rather than have the traditional dim sum carts and a din of noise with the dim sum ladies hawking their wares, you fill out a ticksheet with what type of dim sum your little heart and tummy desires and the kitchen brings out the food.  While this makes things super efficient, the noise and chaos of the dim sum carts were a quintessential part of dim-sum-ing.  Anyways, after a short wait and sipping on tea, our food came out!

The Shrimp and pea shoot rice roll was made well - I prefer the rice roll itself ultra thin (only occurs if the rice roll sheet is steamed on silk which almost noone does anymore) but its not overly thick, the shrimp were big, plentiful and savory sweet.

The Deep fried shrimp roll in crispy rice wrapper was a nice change to the typical deep fried shrimp wontons. wrapped in a crispy airy rice wrapper with succulent sweet-savory shrimp within. Nom!

Curried squid wasn't too greasy nor overly spiced and was cooked to a nice toothsome tender.

Chinese people don't believe in vegetarian when it comes to dim sum lol... this Lotus root is stuffed with shrimp paste and made for an interesting if harder to eat item

No complaints about the Sui mai - pork and shirmp meatball dumpling. Its a decent sized moist meatball generously packed with lean pork and whole shrimp

Didn't get a chance to try the Crab and pea shoot dumpling - was too slow lol! Family members reported it as delicious

I ordered this one just for the heck of it: briased fishhead. Yeah, I know, sounds nasty, but it was delish! The meaty bits were tender and lots of flavor from wine, garlic and a small hit of chilis.

This one is usually made by Chinese moms that know what they're doing at home, so it was nice to see it on the menu: Silkie chicken braised in chinese herbs and red dates.  The chicken skin, meat and ones is naturally a dark almost black color and is thought to be healthier and really good for you. It was like eating pleasant chicken soup (with really little soup) with a touch of earthniess from the Chinese hers (again which are supposed to e very good for you)

The steamed BBQ pork buns  is a staple at most dim sum places and this is no exception.  Fluffy bun and good amount of BBQ pork inside.

Forgot to take a picture of the insides of this one - steamed chicken sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. A distinct and pleasant flavor of lotus leaves infuses the chicken sticky rice found within.

I didn't try the steamed sirloin and peashoot rice rolls (I prefer the shrimp one and polished off nearly the entire plate heehee), but those to tried it said the beef was tender and seasoned well.

While on the heavier side of things, the Briased beef tendon was a hit - super tender melt in your mouth pieces of tendon in a savory rich garlicy sauce.. well, they didn't take long to disappear!

The braised chicken feet is yet another tastey staple. For those new to this, have someone cut it all up and it won't look like a hand when you dig in lol!

The steamed beef tripe was executed well - spotlessly cleaned, seasoned well and simplely steamed with some garlic, ginger and chilis to a delightful al-dente.

Overall, a great place for efficient and tasty dim sum with plently of variety in a beautiful Baroque/Parisian setting.

Premiere Ballroom and Convention Centre
Address 9019 Leslie Street  Richmond Hill, ON L4B4K3
Phone 9019 Leslie Street  Richmond Hill, ON L4B4K3
Hours Open daily for dim sum - 0800-1pm
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