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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Making a fondant Bubble Guppies themed cake smashing cupcake!

Kimchee's little girl was turning one, and for her celebration, I was baking a cupcake cake for her to smash, smoosh, and generally enjoy making a big tasty mess :D  I borrowed a girlfriend's silicone cupcake mold and used for the first time in my life - prepared cake mix.  It wasn't bad at all and definitely sped things up time wise, but I found the cake-mix cake very soft and easy to shear so had to be ultra careful with it when unmolding and decorating…

While the cakes were baking in the oven (I baked 2 just in case one failed miserably), I printed off simple line pictures of the big goldfish dude and his mer-dog friend, put on gloves and mixed up a variety of coloured fondant with Wilson's fondant colours set. I used commercial fondant as I find it easier to work with than marshmallow fondant - feel free to make your own marshmallow fondant with this recipe here.  I rolled out the fondant with a large fondant roller and laying the paper picture on top, pricked the pattern onto the fondant with some of the pokey tools inside my fondant and gum paste kit. You can use a skewer or toothpick too if you like… then pieced them together and used edible pens to outline and scribble in finer details as needed.  I used the Wilson fondant mat as it prevented the finished pieces from sticking to my table as I worked on them.

I buttercreamed and top of the cupcake cake and sides, then dropped and pulled a light teal green fondant top all the way to the bottom.  As the cake-mix baked out really fluffy and soft, it unfortunately buckled in a lot of places so I ended up rolling out several blue strips of "waves" and attached them to hide any funny looking spots.  No pics here as at this point I was panicking (brain was going AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) and trying to do some damage control.  I then made some more goldfish, bubbles and twisted some green seaweed to add some visual elements to all sides of the cake...

Attached the main characters on, and added in some lilac purple happy starfish too

The next day, it was ready for smashing time! I added in some crushed graham crackers to act as sand… After taking off her nice party dress and into something easy to wash... at first the birthday gal didn't realize what it was, so only poked at it... poke poke poke!

Then with some help from mom…

And looking annoyed when her other friends started helping.. themselves to the cake…

Successful cake smash! She was eating cake off her hands and feet after lol!

Happy first birthday baby Grace! We all love you! :D

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