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Monday 24 February 2014

Cerezo Cafe and Bar Calgary, AB -Part 2: delicious desserts!!

So since the last post was getting a bit long, here's the second post on almost all their in house made desserts.  You can read the full review of a lot of food and tapas we had for dinner here.

Its a bit daunting and amazing they can produce all this food and bake up these creations daily in their kitchen downstairs!  And if you come late and the dessert counter is all empty, don't despair!  Ask the waitresses what they have in the "back" as they can't hold all the desserts they make daily in the main floor display case... or you can just order all your desserts before you order your food so they can set desserts aside for you!

So without further ado, here's a few renditions of the Pear Almond Tart.  It has a dense tart shell made of crush almonds and lightly sweetened.  Some of us enjoyed it, while others preferred the pressed graham cracker flan crusts other bakeries employ.  

There's a scant amount of thinly sliced fruit atop which draws your attention more to the flan crust than anything else.  More fruit would send these flans over the top!

This is one of my favs - the Blueberry Parfait with blueberry ice cream, blueberry frozen yogurt, cassis gelee and just pure blueberry awesomeness all layered in a deep large cup. Mmmm!!

And here's a closeup of the blueberry awesomeness:

The Fruit and nuts custard tart was a bit of let down.  Its beautifully presented, with the same tart base as the one used for the pear tart... but there was so little bland custard underneath the fruit, it resulted in the tart tasting dry.  Perhaps it was an off day.

The Yogurt mousse cheesecake is a delightfully light as a cloud mousse with just a trace of cheesecake flavor.

Topped off with some fresh fruit and a blue berry compote, this dessert tastes guilt-free awesome!

The Strawberry Shortcake has light moist layers of fluffy white cake sandwiched with layers of thickened lightly sweetened cream and fresh strawberries.

Super simple and well executed... its a taste of summer!

And last but not least (they have more desserts we haven't tried yet!).. is the Chocolate Cake.  The moderately dense moist chocolate cake has a fudgey texture that is highlighted with the rich dark chocolate ganache.. mmmm!

So if you have a hankering for a savory or sweet nibble, give this quaint little restaurant a try!

Cerezo Cafe and Bar
Address 1002 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E3K2
Phone (403) 250-8894
Hours Tues-Sat open for lunch and dinner; Sun open for lunch only Closed Mondays
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