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Wednesday 2 October 2013

Bubble Queen, Richmond, BC - Best Bubble Tea joint with eggies, egg waffles in Vancouver!!

What makes Bubble Queen stand out from the multitude of bubble tea places crammed to the ceiling with fresh fruit and supplies?  The ridiculous amounts of fresh fruit they use or in the case of chocolate bar flavored drinks... a truly indulgent and guilty amount of chocolate is added to the blended drinks.  Oh, and did I mention they have fabulous egg waffles - plain, flavored and ones with filling!

I love bubble tea.  It can either be hot or cold red/green tea, blended fresh fruit juices or milk/yogurt based with malty or chocolate flavors with fun tasty sago pearls, fruit/wine jellies, candies and even mochi added to them for endless tasty combinations.  You can get super sugary powdered based drinks, and like ordering coffee or espresso based drinks, you can have half sago, half sweet, no milk, soy milk... and the list goes on.  Oh, and get in line quick as everyone tends to have big orders and you don't want to be left gazing longingly at other folk's orders as they get filled for overly long!

Here's a pic of their menu with options like KitKat, Ferror Rocher, and other chocolates for the chocolate flavored ones.  I zeroed in on their Malteaster bubble tea as well as their fresh mango bubble tea which is a must try.

The Malteaser bubble tea was rich and malty, with a few bags of malteasers blended into a malty milk base, and little bits of crunchy Malterser bits as you sip, and a few whole ones garnish this indulgent dessert. Oh yeah, and whipped cream. Mmmm!

The rest of our crew went with variations of fresh mango bubble tea with sago, half sago half mango mochi and just mango mochi (a soft rice based candy and faintly tasting of mango mmm!) and excellently brewed tea based bubble teas (not pictured mainly because we went on a different day and I can't find the pics).  Serious amount of crazy sweet fresh mango!

Ooh, I mentioned egg waffles right? Traditionally, they were borne as some guy in Hong Kong wanted to extend the life of eggs and make a killing on them.  So you have a basic mixture of fresh eggs, custard powder (my expert Vancouver foodie friend told me that's what gives these waffles its characteristic yellow shade), sugar, milk, flours, a hot waffle iron thing that pops out rounded bite sized "eggies" that are crisp on the outside, fragrant with egginess and an easy quick snack fav for anyone new to them.  William Sonoma sells the egg waffle iron for anyone wanting to make them at home... I'll get around to perfecting a recipe... eventually, but for now, I'll enjoy these ones: Plain - nothing like simplicity!

Green tea egg waffles filled with mochi center (they can add mochi bits and sweet red bean paste to any of thier egg waffle flavors).  The mochi makes the exterior of the egg waffle less crispy (and the mochi can melt into goop at the edges), but the combination of warm soft mochi and egg waffle... mmmm!

And my friend's fav - Oreo egg waffles.  Just a hint of sweet!

So yes, if you find a better place for egg waffles and fruit loaded up bubbleteas, gimme a shout, cuz I'll be happily sipping away on one of Bubble Queen's Bubble crazy fruit filled bubble teas or their well brewed light green or red teas. *Slurp*!

Bubble Queen
Address 8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond, BC V6X3Z7
Phone (778) 297-7838
Hours Open daily from 2pm till evening. Hours vary when they feel like opening, so call before going.

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